50 Fun Things To Do With Your Child

Jill Holtz

October 8, 2014

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Looking for some ideas for kids activities? Download our Mykidstime.com List of 50 Fun Things To Do With Your Child and see can you do/have you done all 50?!

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1. Visit the zoo
2. Take a book out of the local library
3. Go for a walk in the woods
4. Go ice skating or roller skating
5. Dance around the kitchen together
6. Made cookies or cupcakes
7. Paddle in the sea
8. Make a bubble volcano in the sink
9. Watch old cartoons on Youtube
10. Jump on the trampoline with them
11. Have a picnic in the sitting room
12. Make a snowman complete with carrot for nose
13. Make a snow angel

Download our Mykidstime 50 Fun Things To Do With Your Child list as a checklist!

14. Have a sticky bun in a coffee shop
15. Build a sand castle
16. Make a den with the couch cushions
17. Feed the ducks
18. Sleep overnight in a tent
19. Search for shells on the beach
20. Read a book together
21. Plant seeds and watch them grow
22. Play a game of football with them
23. Go to the cinema
24. Do a treasure hunt
25. Build a treehouse

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