8 Fun St Patrick’s Day Crafts Kids will Love

shamrock st patricks day crafts

Looking for some fun crafts for kids to celebrate St Patrick’s Day? Don your green, and prepare to grab yourself some luck of the Irish with these 8 Fun St Patrick’s Day Crafts Kids will Love.

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#1. Create a Shamrock Suncatcher

The Hands on: as we grow blog has this easy project perfect for preschoolers and up. They used “transparent contact paper”, but could also use the self-adhesive and clear book covering which is available in school book shops/online shops. You’ll also need green tissue paper, green confetti and glitter.

st patricks day crafts suncatcher

Hands On as we grow

#2. Make Thumbprint Shamrock Cards

We liked this easy-to-make project from Childmade, for Shamrock Cards. All you need is card and a green stamp pad. Or you can use thumbprints. If you have a valentine heart stamp, they used that to make nice shamrocks out of 4 hearts.

And what about this cool suggestion: dip your stamp into glue and then into glitter and stamp onto the card. Hey presto green glittery hearts!

St Patricks Day Crafts shamrock-fingerprints


#3. St Patrick’s Day Flowers

To brighten up your home this St. Patrick’s Day make these simple crepe paper flowers in traditional green, white and gold. Watch this video from Little Miss Craft to see how it is done.

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#4. St. Patrick’s Day Wall/Door Hanging

This St Patrick’s Day Wall/ Door Hanging is an easy to make project especially for the smaller members of the household who will enjoy cutting and sticking. You might have to cut out some of the shamrock shapes for younger kids, but all ages will enjoy the colouring and sticking!

St Patricks Day Craft Shamrock Wreath

St Patrick’s Day Wall/ Door Hanging

#5. Create a Leprechaun with Growing Hair

For this activity you will need to start a couple of weeks in advance of St. Patrick’s Day.

You will Need

  • A styrofoam cup
  • Potting Soil
  • Seeds for a quick growing green plant, cress is a good one or grass seeds.
  • Crayons or paint

To Create your Leprechaun

  1. Draw a face for your Leprechaun onto the cup.
  2. Half fill the cup with the soil. Add your seeds and cover with a small amount of soil.
  3. Place on a windowsill and water.
  4. Depending on how quick your seeds grow your Leprechaun will soon have great green hair.

St Patricks Day Crafts Leprechaun Hair

Image via Ms Ross’s First Grade Class

#6. St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Man or Woman!

We love this St Patrick’s Day Shamrock Man/Woman. It is easy to make for kids of all ages with a bit of simple preparation, some glue and white and green paper.

#7. Tie Dye Socks or T-Shirts

Create your own unique style this St Patrick’s Day by tie dyeing white cotton socks or t-shirts in green and orange colours. Socks are super simple to dye and might a good starting point.

You will need:

  • The item you want to dye
  • A bucket
  • Squeezy bottle x 2
  • Gloves to protect your hands
  • Green and orange dye
  • Rubber bands and water.

What to Do:

  1. Simply get them wet and wring them out
  2. Add rubber bands around 1 inch apart along the whole length of the sock
  3. Make your dye up according to the instructions and put into squeezy bottle, one for each colour
  4. Drip your dye onto the sock using a squeezy bottle
  5. Leave overnight is a sealed bag in a warm spot
  6. Remove rubber bands and rinse

For T-Shirts watch this video from Expert Village on making a tie dye spiral design.

#8. Wooden Spoon Leprechaun

Follow these simple instructions to create a Leprechaun from a Wooden Spoon.

You will need:

  • A wooden spoon
  • green felt, cut into tall hat shapes
  • orange wool, cut into short strips for the beard
  • Black Marker for the eyes or stick on googly eyes
  • Glue to put it all together.

What to Do:

  1. Simply glue your felt hat to the top of the spoon.
  2. Add eyes with your marker or stick on your googly eyes.
  3. Glue your orange wool strips to the bottom of the spoon to create a beard.
  4. You could glue some shorter orange wool strips under the hat to create hair.


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Over to you! Have a favourite St Patrick’s Day Craft? Let us know in the comments box below.

8 Fun St Patrick's Day Crafts Kids will Love

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