8 Fun St Patrick’s Day Crafts Kids Will Love To Make


January 21, 2019

shamrock st patricks day crafts

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Looking for some fun crafts for kids to celebrate St Patrick’s Day? Don your green, and prepare to grab yourself some luck of the Irish with these 8 Fun St Patrick’s Day Crafts Kids Will Love to Make.

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From suncatchers to growing leprechaun hair to making shamrock figures, these St Patrick’s Day crafts for kids are sure to amuse your child.

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8 Fun St Patrick’s Day Crafts Kids Will Love To Make

#1. Create a Shamrock Suncatcher

st patrick's day crafts kids

Image: Hands On As We Grow

The Hands On As We Grow blog has this easy shimmering shamrock suncatcher for preschoolers and up. They used “transparent contact paper”, but you could also use the self-adhesive and clear book covering which is available in school book shops or online shops. You’ll also need green tissue paper, green confetti and glitter.

#2. Make Thumbprint Shamrock Cards

st patrick's day crafts kids

Image: Child Made Tutorials

We liked this easy-to-make project from Child Made. These festive shamrock cards are made using a piece of card and a green stamp pad, or you can use thumbprints. If you have a valentine heart stamp, you can use it to make nice shamrocks out of four hearts.

Want to add some sparkle? Dip your stamp into glue and then into glitter, stamp onto the card, and hey presto! Green glittery hearts.

#3. St Patrick’s Day Flowers

To brighten up your home this St Patrick’s Day, make these simple crepe paper flowers in traditional green, white and gold. Watch this five-minute video from Little Miss Craft to see how it is done.

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#4. St Patrick’s Day Wall/Door Hanging

St Patrick’s Day Craft – Wall/Door Hanging

This St Patrick’s Day wall/door hanging is an easy to make project especially for the smaller members of the household who will enjoy cutting and sticking. You might have to cut out some of the shamrock shapes for younger kids, but all ages will enjoy the colouring and sticking!

#5. St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Man or Woman!

Have a go at making this fun St Patrick’s Day shamrock man or woman. It is easy to make for kids of all ages with a bit of simple preparation, some glue and white and green paper.

#6. Create a Leprechaun with Growing Hair

st patrick's day crafts kids

Image: Hands On As We Grow

Don’t these two just look fabulous?! This craft from Hands On As We Grow needs to be done before St Patrick’s Day, as you’ll need the time for their hair to grow. Create a lovely leprechaun with growing hair by painting cups, planting some grass seeds and being patient.

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#7. Tie-Dye Socks or T-Shirts

Create your own unique style this St Patrick’s Day by tie-dyeing white cotton socks or t-shirts in green and orange colours. Socks are super simple to dye and might a good starting point, and for t-shirts watch this video for beginners from MrTieDye.

In order to dye the socks, for example, you’ll need a bucket, two squeezy bottles, gloves to protect your hands, the festive dye colours, rubber bands and of course, water.

Get the socks wet and wring them out, add your rubber bands around one inch apart along the entire length of the sock. Make your dye up according to the instructions on the bottle and put it into a squeezy bottle (one for each colour). Simply drip your dye onto the item by squeezing the bottle and leave it overnight in a warm spot in a sealed bag. Remove the rubber bands and rinse the next morning.

#8. Wooden Spoon Leprechaun

st patrick's day crafts kids

Image: Glued To My Crafts, Pinterest

Isn’t this clever? For this stylish wooden spoon leprechaun, you’ll need a wooden spoon, markers to draw on the leprechaun’s face, green felt or card for the hat and some glue to stick the hat to the top of the spoon. To make it more creative, you can add some googly eyes or some cotton wool for a fluffy white beard.

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Have your say! Have you made any cool St Patrick’s Day crafts with your child? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

8 Fun St Patrick's Day Crafts Kids Will Love To Make

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