Frosty Fashion – 3 Kid-Friendly DIY T-Shirt Projects for the Winter Season


November 30, 2023

DIY T-Shirt projects for kids

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When it comes to seasons, it doesn’t get more magical and kid-friendly than winter. From snowmen and icicles to the holidays and hot chocolate, no matter where you live, winter is a great time to be a kid.

Now, with cold(er) weather comes the constant struggle to find fun, kid-friendly indoor activities that will provide hours of safe and creative entertainment.

Arts and crafts provide a great way to connect with kids and build memories that often last far longer than the items produced through these activities. So whether you’re making these shirts with your children, your nieces, nephews, or friends, or the littlest family members, these kid-friendly DIY t-shirt projects will provide hours of fun and some wonderful frosty fashion items for the winter season!

3 Kid-Friendly DIY T-Shirt Projects for Winter

One craft that we are extremely partial to is updating t-shirts and sweatshirts to give them a new lease of life. Not only is this a fun kid-centric activity, but it also leaves you with winter-friendly clothes, which are always in demand.

Additionally, t-shirt and sweatshirt crafts give kids a sense of pride in what they’ve created and help with fine motor skills. These crafts also lead to winter-friendly wardrobe items that you won’t have to fight your kids to put on.

So, now that we’ve sold you on the fun and excitement that t-shirt and sweatshirt-making hold, let’s give you three ideas for DIY t-shirt projects for the kids to do this winter season.

Some Craft Do’s & Don’ts

DIY T-Shirt projects for kids

With all of the crafts we’re about to mention, we have a few guiding rules:

Always protect your surfaces with newspaper, craft paper, old fabric, or any protective barrier that will preserve your tables, countertops, floors, and furniture. While many fabric paints and fabric markers may say that they are semi-permanent or non-stainable, it can be challenging to get these paints or markers off of couches or out of floors without causing damage.

Remain aware of your kids’ ages and abilities. If you have small kids, be careful with paints and other materials that can easily be ingested or placed in the eyes and ears. For anything like scissors or glue, 12 years old is usually the age at which kids can safely use these tools with limited supervision, but we recommend keeping kids under 12 away from anything too sharp or too hot.

Have fun! The best part about crafts is that they offer a fun way to bond with family and friends. Make sure that you and your kids have fun and stay creative throughout the craft, and don’t be afraid to make your adult version of these winter shirts.

Frosted Snowman DIY T-shirt

DIY T-Shirt projects for kids

One of our favourite t-shirt or sweatshirt-making ideas for kids is turning an old t-shirt or sweatshirt into a snowman-adorned winter staple.

For this craft, you can find everything you need at your local craft store. You will need

  • White puffy paint
  • Glitter
  • Fabric markers
  • Any other embellishments (rhinestones, fabric pieces, etc.) that your kids want to include.

Using the puffy paint as your base, you can have your kids make fun snowmen (or snowwomen!) that are washable, durable, and textured to create a fun look.

Once the paint has been applied and has dried, decorate the rest of the shirt with glitter to give the appearance of a snowy wonderland. Embellish your design using things like fabric markers or rhinestones to personalise your shirt and to let your tiny artists channel their creative power.

We love this snowy tribute to winter, and, as a bonus, puffy paint is highly tactile and great for kids who enjoy some sensory fun throughout the day.

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Winter Tie Dye

DIY T-Shirt projects for kids

Tie Dye is a time-tested fan favourite for a reason. Tie-dye is cheap and fun and creates phenomenal colours and patterns.

For a unique winter tie-dye masterpiece, you can either go with a frozen, snowy theme (think blues, greys, silver, gold), or you can go with darker, more muted colours (browns, blacks, dark greens), OR you can take things in a holiday direction with green, red, gold, and white.

Whatever you select, have fun with your patterns. Most tie-dye kits come with pattern suggestions (spirals, camo-themed, etc.), but you can make these projects your own.

One idea that we love is using some masking tape to create winter-themed shapes. From leaves, stars, and presents to holiday trees and snowmen, there’s no end to the possibilities within this fun craft.

One note when doing tie-dye: use gloves, because the dye is permanent and can be challenging to get off of fingers and out from under your nails.

DIY Snowglobe T-shirt

DIY T-Shirt projects for kids

One unique and creative kid-friendly DIY t-shirt idea is to create a wearable snow globe.

This project does involve glue (either fabric glue or a hot glue gun), so make sure to keep younger children away from hot tools or toxic glue.

All you need to create a wearable snowglobe is:

  • An old t-shirt or sweatshirt
  • Square of plastic that you will create a pouch out of.

For the plastic pouch we like repurposing clear pencil cases, waterproof phone pouches, or similar items.

Gluing one plastic edge to the shirt, let your kids fill the pouch with fun items like mini snowmen, trees, or whatever else they like. Add glitter at the end to create a “snow” effect, then seal everything up. Afterward, the pouch should have some air and space, and your kids can watch their glittery snow globe work its magic whenever they move.

For some more fun, let your kids paint or draw on the rest of the shirt to make this winter shirt their own.

When it comes to DIY t-shirt and sweatshirt crafting ideas, there’s no limit to the fun and creativity out there. Just remember, always keep a watchful eye on younger t-shirt makers and keep any dangerous or heat-centric tools high up and away from little artists.

Most importantly, have fun with these crafts and enjoy a new wardrobe filled with unique and personalised winter-friendly items.

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