Get Up Get Out!

Jill Holtz

March 5, 2013

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Mykidstime has partnered with Coillte Outdoors for Get Up Get Out! a special campaign to give parents lots of fun ideas for outdoor activities for kids!  

Ideas for Things to Do Outdoors

Here are 4 free downloads that you can view on your smartphone or print and take with you for fun things to do outdoors.

20 Fun Things for Kids to Do Outdoors

From Flying a Kite to Starting a Rock collection, we bring you 20 fun things for kids to do outdoors. Do a bark rubbing! Find a butterfly!

Nature Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Try out our fun nature scavenger hunt. In our experience kids love treasure hunts and this is “finding treasure” in nature. Can you find something soft? a bendy twig? something beginning with S?

Big Bug Hunt for Kids

Enjoy our Big Bug Hunt! Who can find the ugliest bug? the biggest bug? the fastest bug? For this hunt you might want to bring along plastic tubs or a jar to put the bugs into.

Sound Scavenger Hunt for Kids

How about something a bit different? Head out to the woods or forest and see how many of these sounds you can hear in our Sound Scavenger Hunt!

Visit a Coillte Forest Park

Coillte’s 11 Forest Parks are spread all around the country and offer a wonderful array of facilities including

  • children’s playgrounds,
  • picnic sites,
  • marked walking and cycling trails
  • alongside the beautiful scenic woodlands.

They are ideal places to take the family and have a ramble, spot some nature, have a picnic if the weather permits and to do some fun outdoor activities and games!

Cycling for Teens and Families

Stop by our Coillte Cycling page for lots of information and suggestions on cycling for teens and families from easy family cycling to adventurous mountain biking trails!

Visit Coillteoutdoors online at and find them on facebook and Twitter

Do you have a suggestion for helping get kids up off the sofa and out?  Share it with us in the comments below!

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Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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About the Author: Jill Holtz

Jill is one of the co-founders of Mykidstime and a mum of 2 girls

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