Rice Krispie Buns – Rainy Day Activity


Making Rice Krispie Buns


It was a rainy and overcast day, so we decided to make some Rice Krispie Buns!


Puffed Rice Cereal (or any other breakfast cereal) – we measured by eye!

Cooking Chocolate (about 200g)


Chocolate Sprinkles,

Hundreds & Thousands

Mini Marshmallows

anything else you fancy!!

    ricekrispies3 ricekrispies4
    Here are our various creations!!
    1. Melt the chocolate : We heated water in a saucepan, then placed a bowl over the simmering water. Break up the chocolate and place in the bowl until it melts. Remove from the heat.
    2. Add the Melted Chocolate to the Rice Krispie Cereal (use a large bowl and stir gently so you don't crush the cereal) We just kept adding more cereal until all the chocolate was used up and all the cereal was coated.
    3. Scoop the mixture in to cupcake cases, and decorate!!
    4. Put in the fridge until set – then Eat!!


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