Seachtain na Gaeilge – 5 Suggestions to Bring the cúpla focail into Your Home

seachtain na gaeilge

As Seachtain na Gaeilge approaches, here are 5 suggestions on how to celebrate the Irish language and bring the cúpla focail into your home:

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#1. Get Stuck on Irish

Using post-it notes or some card & blu-tack, pick an object in your kitchen, bathroom, living room  and write in clear letters as Gaeilge. Attach the word in an visible place on the object. For example the door into the kitchen could have the word “doras” on it.

Door – doras
Window – fuinneog
Plate – pláta
Dishwasher – niteoir soithí

#2. Tell Your Kids How Good They Are as Gaeilge!

Maith an cailín!
Maith an buachaill!

#3. Use everyday phrases

Why not replace ‘thank you’ all week in your house with “Go raibh maith agat“?

#4. Language Shopping!

When you’re putting away the shopping check how many items are known as Gaeilge by anyone in the house. Aim to find five words you know; apples, flour, cereal etc. or learn an extra five (great way to increase vocabulary). Keep a chart on the fridge and add to it every day or week.

Bread – arán
Cereal – granach
Milk – bainne
Carrots – cairéid
Chocolate – seacláid

#5. Sing or Play Games in the Car

While driving in the car pass the time by translating a favourite song to Irish, or counting as far as possible as Gaeilge.

10 green bottles = Deich mbuidéal glas

Irish Online Resources

For a good online English – Irish dictionary go to

Rí – Rá :: Irish For Kids is a fun site

Cúla4 is a one stop shop for kids and Irish

You might also enjoy reading Cúla4 Player App Helping Kids Learn Irish

Do you have a tip for other parents on encouraging Irish at home? Share it with us in the comments below.

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