60+ Fantastic Irish Words and Phrases to Teach Your Kids


February 28, 2022

60+ Fantastic Irish Words and Phrases to Teach Your Kids - Mykidstime

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Irish has seen a huge surge in popularity around the world – so whether you’re looking to brush up on some long-forgotten vocab or just teach your child a few new words, here are 60+ fantastic Irish words and phrases to get you started. Are you ready for a bit of obair bhaile?

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I am not a native Irish speaker but do find that I use words and phrases that I learned at school in my everyday vocabulary. I have included some of them here along with an attempt at spelling them phonetically to make pronunciation easier. Have fun testing them out at home!

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Irish Words and Phrases to Learn

#1. Obair bhaile

  • Meaning: Homework
  • Phonetically: ubber waile

#2. Cad is anim duit?

  • Meaning: What is your name?
  • Phonetically: cod iss anam ditch

#3. Is anim dom

  • Meaning: My name is
  • Phonetically: iss anam dum

#4. Cén aois thú?

  • Meaning: How old are you?
  • Phonetically: kane eesh tu

#5. Tá mé x bliana d’aois

  • Meaning: I am x years old
  • Phonetically: tah may x bleena deeash

#6. Go raibh maith agat

  • Meaning: Thank you
  • Phonetically: go rawh mah agut

#7. Tá fáilte romhat

  • Meaning: You are welcome
  • Phonetically: tah fall-che rowth

#8. An bhfaca tú?

  • Meaning: Did you see?
  • Phonetically: on waca tuh

#9. Conaic mé/Ní fhaca mé

  • Meaning: I saw/did not see
  • Phonetically: conig mai / knee acha mai

#10. Dia duit/Dia daoibh

  • Meaning: Hello (duit singular & daoibh plural)
  • Phonetically: jia gwtich / jia yeve

#11. Dia’s Muire duit/Dia’s Muire daoibh

  • Meaning: Hello to you too (relpy to dia duit/daoibh)
  • Phonetically: jia smuire gwitch / jia smuire yeve

#12, Conas atá tú/Cé’ bhfuil tú?

  • Meaning: How are you?
  • Phonetically: conas ataw tou / kay will tou

#13. Tá mé go maith go raibh maith agat

  • Meaning: I am good thank you
  • Phonetically: taw mai gu mah gu row mah agut

#14. Tá mé go dona

  • Meaning: I am not good
  • Phonetically: taw mai gu donagh

#15. Agus tú féin?

  • Meaning: And you?
  • Phonetically: ogg-us tuh fein

#16. Slán leat

  • Meaning: Goodbye
  • Phonetically: slawn lat

#17. Feicfidh mé amárach thú

  • Meaning: I will see you tomorrow
  • Phonetically: feci mai a-mar-ruck tuh

#18. Ar ól tú uisce inniu?

  • Meaning: Did you drink water today?
  • Phonetically: er ole tou ischa innew

#19. D’ól / Níor ól

  • Meaning: I did drink / I didn’t drink
  • Phonetically: dole / near ole

#20. Buidéal

  • Meaning: Bottle
  • Phonetically: budge-ale

#21. Cén fáth?

  • Meaning: Why?
  • Phonetically: kane faw

#22. Uafásach

  • Meaning: Horrible
  • Phonetically: ooo-fas-uch

#23. Ar ith tú do lón?

  • Meaning: Did you eat your lunch?
  • Phonetically: air ih thoo duh loan

#24. D’ith / Níor ith

  • Meaning: I ate / I didn’t eat
  • Phonetically: jith / near ith

#25. Bosca Lón

  • Meaning: Lunch Box
  • Phonetically: busca loan

#26. Ceapaire

  • Meaning: Sandwich
  • Phonetically: kyapara

#27. Is maith liom

  • Meaning: I like
  • Phonetically: iss mah lom

#28. An bhfuil cead agam?

  • Meaning: Do I have permission/can I?
  • Phonetically: on will cad a-gum

#29. Tá cead agat / Níl cead agat

  • Meaning: Yes you have permission / No you don’t have permission
  • Phonetically: tah cad agut / neil cad agut

#30. Le do thoil

  • Meaning: Please
  • Phonetically: le duh hull

#31. Go raibh maith agat

  • Meaning: Thank you
  • Phonetically: gu row mah agut

#32. Breithlá

  • Meaning: Birthday
  • Phonetically: bre-law

#33. Bronntanas

  • Meaning: Present
  • Phonetically: brun-tun-us

#34. Grá

  • Meaning: Love
  • Phonetically: graw

#35. Is breá liom tú

  • Meaning: I love you
  • Phonetically: ish bra lom thoo

#36. Oíche mhaith

  • Meaning: Goodnight
  • Phonetically: eeha wah

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Fun and Unusual Irish Words and Phrases

Jellyfish fun Irish words and phrases

These are some of my favourite Irish words and phrases. I picked them because I like how they sound when you say them.

#37. Cois farraige

  • Meaning: Seaside
  • Phonetically: cush arriga

#38. Smugairle róin

  • Meaning: Jellyfish
  • Phonetically: smugorla rion

#39. Dtonnta

  • Meaning: Waves
  • Phonetically: donta

#40. Fuinneamh

  • Meaning: Energy
  • Phonetically: funnibh

#41. Bogadh

  • Meaning: Move
  • Phonetically: buga

#42. Imirt

  • Meaning: Play
  • Phonetically: im-erch

#43. Spraoi

  • Meaning: Fun
  • Phonetically: Spree

#44. Súgradh

  • Meaning: Game/Play
  • Phonetically: sue-gru

#45. Ceoil agus Craic

  • Meaning: Music and Fun
  • Phonetically: keol ogus crack

#46. Rince

  • Meaning: Dance
  • Phonetically: rink-ah

#47. Léim

  • Meaning: Jump/leap
  • Phonetically: lame

#48. Áit le háit

  • Meaning: Place to place
  • Phonetically: auitch le hautich

#49. Flaithiúil

  • Meaning: Generous
  • Phonetically: fleadh-huil

#50. Bhí sí/sé an-fhialtach

  • Meaning: She/He is very generous
  • Phonetically: bee she/shay on fleadh-huil-och

#51. Úlla

  • Meaning: Apples
  • Phonetically: ooh-la

#52. Ríomhaire

  • Meaning: Computer
  • Phonetically: ree-ver-ah

#53. Ríomhphost

  • Meaning: Email
  • Phonetically: reeve-pust

#54. Leabhar

  • Meaning: Book
  • Phonetically: lau-er

#56. Ag léamh

  • Meaning: To read
  • Phonetically: egg leibh

#57. Saoirse

  • Meaning: Freedom
  • Phonetically: seer-sha

#58. Croí

  • Meaning: Heart
  • Phonetically: cree

#59. Tá sé álainn

  • Meaning: It is beautiful
  • Phonetically: tah shay ol-yinn

#60. Tá sé uafásach

  • Meaning: It is horrible
  • Phonetically: tah shay oo-fas-uck

#61. Tá sé ag cur báistí

  • Meaning: It is raining
  • Phonetically: tah shay egg cur – baois-ti

#62. Draíocht

  • Meaning: Magic
  • Phonetically: dree-uct

#63. Baile

  • Meaning: Town or Home
  • Phonetically: bal-ya

#64. Fón póca

  • Meaning: Mobile phone
  • Phonetically: phone po-ka

#65. Cara

  • Meaning: Friend
  • Phonetically: karagh

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60+ Fantastic Irish Words and Phrases to Teach Your Kids - Mykidstime

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