7 Must Have Resources For Your Teen Studying Irish For Leaving Cert or Junior Cert


December 28, 2018

must haves for your teen studying Irish for leaving cert

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Do you have a teen studying Irish for Leaving Cert or Junior Cert? We have put together a list of 7 must have resources for your teen studying Irish, hopefully eolas úsáideach!

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Resources For Your Teen Studying Irish for Leaving Cert or Junior Cert

#1. RTÉ Gaeilge na hArdteiste (Podcasts)

These podcasts as gaeilge offer students help with all elements of the Leaving Cert Irish exam including prose, listening, oral, poetry and essay writing and are a good resource for your teen studying Leaving Cert Irish.

#2. Vifax (Video)

Vifax is run by Maynooth University and offers videos and exercises around current affairs. It is a good website for listening and to help with essay work.

#3. TG4 (Website)

The TG4 website is a good resource for all levels of Irish. This section covers the Irish oral, poetry and prose, mainly for Leaving Cert Irish higher level but there are topics suitable for junior cert level Irish too. The site is bilingual.

#4. Irish College/Coláiste Gaeilge (Summer School)

Many Irish students attend a residential summer course at an Irish college. These usually run during June, July and August and last for 2 to 4 weeks. Students are immersed in the Irish language.

colaiste gaeilge inis meain Irish College Summer Courses for students studying Irish

#5. Teanglann (App and Online Dictionary)

Teaglann is an online dictionary and Irish language library enabling students to search for words, pronunciation and grammatical information.

They have an app which can be downloaded for IOS and android and a Grammar Wizard an interactive grammar engine which helps combine nouns, adjectives and prepositions correctly.

#6. Tuairisc (News Service and Online Study)

Tuairise provides a news service in Irish on current affairs, culture, sport and entertainment. This section has video content with exercises which can be filled in online as part of the study process.

#7. Duolingo (Language App)

duolingo irish must haves for teens studying Irish

Learn Irish in just 5 minutes a day for FREE with Duolingo. Offering bite size lessons for all levels from beginner to those wanting to practice reading, writing and speaking. The lessons are tailored to your learning style and you will receive instant feedback to help improve your Irish language skills.

Have you any other resource suggestions for teens studying Irish for their Leaving Cert or Junior Cert? Please share them with us in the comments box below. 

Resources For Your Teen Studying Irish For Leaving Cert or Junior Cert

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Like this? Share it with your network!

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