[WATCH] The Hopscotch Experiment

Jill Holtz

April 16, 2018

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Hopscotch is one of those childhood games that everyone remembers playing. And it was easy to do as all you needed was a bit of chalk, a stone, and somewhere flat to draw your hopscotch squares and numbers on. Here’s what happened when a Hopscotch court was filmed in downtown Seattle for 10 hours, in The Hopscotch Experiment:

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CUT, a viral video brand, decided to create a hopscotch court in downtown Seattle and film it over 10 hours.

The Hopscotch Experiment shows that many of us are still children at heart. The video shows 129 people who had a go at the game, a mixture people, kids and adults, and everyone from business people to construction workers.

You can’t help but smile as you watch this little gem of a video!

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Here’s The Basics of Hopscotch

In case you have forgotten, here’s how to draw a hopscotch court and how to play hopscotch:

How to Draw a Hopscotch Court

You’ll need some chalk (or masking tape) and you create squares in the following pattern then number each square 1 to 10.

To play the game you’ll also need a small object, e.g. a pebble.

How to Play Hopscotch

The first player tosses the object into the first square. Their object can’t touch any of the lines or bounce out, it needs to go in the first square.

That player then hops through the court missing the square with the object in it so they hop over square one to square two and then continue hopping to the end, turn around, and hop back again, and when they reach the square with the object in it on the way home, they have to bend over and pick the object up.

You must hop on one foot where there are single squares. Where there are side by side squares, you hop on both with your two feet, the left foot lands in the left square and the right lands on the right.

Then the next player continues by tossing the stone in square two and so on.

A player is out if

  • the object doesn’t land in the proper square
  • the hopper steps on a line
  • the hopper loses balance when bending over to pick up the marker and puts a second hand or foot down
  • the hopper goes into a square where a marker is, or
  • if a player puts two feet down in a single box.

For younger children simply hopping across the single versus double squares can be fun.

Here’s a good video that explains the game:

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Over to you now. Do you remember playing Hopscotch as a child? Tell us your memories in the comments below. 

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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