7 Fun Outdoor Games For Summer That All The Family Will Love


Summertime is perfect for outdoor fun with your family. Coming up with fun games and activities to play together, can make it even more enjoyable. Turn your backyard into your own private amusement park, using things you may already have lying around your home, and get your whole family pumped up for summer! Here are 7 Fun Outdoor Games for Summer that all the Family will Love, and ensure your backyard is the best on the block!

1. Jumbo Sized Memory Game

Giant-Lawn-Matching-Game-DIY-and-Free-Printable-Stencils-600x900The cool kids over at Studio DIY came up with a lawn sized version of the classic memory game. They’ve included printable stencils in fun summertime shapes.

Just spray paint some pieces of cardboard or cork with two of each shape and place them upside down on your lawn. Have fun seeing which of your family members have the best memory.

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2. Recycled Bottle Bowling

Grab a few old bottles and get ready to create a DIY bowling game in your yard. Fill each bottle with a bit of water so they have some weight to keep them in place. You can paint the bottles like classic bowling pins to make the game more realistic. To personalize it even more, attach an image of each family member to a pin. For night time fun, add glow sticks inside.

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3. Frisbee Disc TicTacToe

Create a fun game of tic tac toe, the whole whole family will love. Create a tic tac board on a sheet with colored tape. Divide the sheet into nine equal squares. Use a stone to weigh down each corner. Each family member will toss the disc to claim their position on the board. As trivial as it seems the game requires so real skill and precision throwing.

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4. Lawn Twister

Garden TwisterYou can create a game of lawn twister by spray painting circles onto your lawn to create a life sized game board. Spray paint four rows of six horizontal dots in green, red, blue and white. Just like a Twister board.

It will be easy to maneuver on the soft grass and this variation will have your family laughing all day as they twist and tumble.

Twister photo credit: Strange Folk Twister via photopin (license)

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5. Super Sized Jenga

Use some large wooden blocks to create a super sized game of Jenga. The game works best with wood blocks size 14in x 4 in x 4 in. This is a great game for older kids. It can be difficult to strategize on a larger scale and it will cause your family members to use their brain power.

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6. Ring Toss

This is a classic game that is always a great time. You can buy a ring toss set or create your own DIY version using some dowels as poles and nylon rope for rings. Your family will have a quarterback’s arm by the end of the summer with this fun game.

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7. Have a Sprinkler Dance-off

outdoor water gamesWhat would summer be without some fun in the water? You can create a homemade sprinkler to cool down and have hours of fun. Just poke holes in an old water bottle and attach it to a hose.

Turn it into a game by judging a sprinkler dance contest. Watch your family members come up with creative flips and dances over the sprinkler and laugh the afternoon away.

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Over to you now! What fun summer games do your family like to play? Let us know in the comments below.

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