These Secret Netflix Codes Will Save You Oodles of Time on Searching

Jill Holtz

September 19, 2022

Secret Netflix codes

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Have you ever noticed it’s not that easy to search by category on Netflix? Maybe you want to find all the fun family Christmas movies or pull up kids movies by age.

We’ve got you covered with a list of special codes and links you can use to take you straight to the different category you want! These secret Netflix codes will definitely help save time on searching.

Use These Secret Netflix Codes to Save Time

Netflix is great at recommending things once you have watched a movie or TV series, and its search function is handy if you know the title you want, but it’s not so easy to find specific categories of shows.

Netflix doesn’t really give you categories, or at least they are not presented in the navigation. You’ll only find Kids & Families on the main menu, but not subcategories. But good news, there are some secret codes for Netflix that help classify movies and series, which you can use to pull up a list of recommendations by category.

There’s a full list of lots of genres here then all you do is

  1. Look up the code for the genre you want with the link above
  2. Then use this format for a link to pull up the genre:
  3. Simply replace CODE with the code of your choice

You can then navigate straight to the category you want using these secret Netflix codes for family and kids movies and shows. How handy is that? This will definitely save you oodles of time so be sure to bookmark this list!

Secret Netflix Codes for Family Movies

For the overall category of all Children and Family Movies and shows, use this link You’ll find a mix of comedies, dramas, family watch together films, family movie night suggestions and more.

Under this category there are even more genres to pull up:

Children’s Movies by Age on Netflix

films based on children's books netflix

Did you know you can also look up kids’ films by age category on Netflix? There are several secret codes for movies by age groups to use:

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Kids TV Shows on Netflix

If TV series are more your child’s bag, then for the overall category of all Kids’ TV shows use this link

Or if they enjoy animation, you can view Kids TV cartoons via

Codes for Teen Movies and TV Shows on Netflix

teen shows on netflix

There are also secret Netflix codes for some teen genres as well:


Don’t miss our best family movies checklist to download and work your way through! Did your favourite make the list?

best family movie container

Halloween Films and Shows on Netflix for Families

Netflix also has plenty of Halloween fare, here are the codes for families/kids/teen Halloween movies and shows.

To view Family Halloween Treats, which is classified as Halloween content suitable for younger audiences, head to

For Halloween Comedies go to

For older kids and teens, Halloween Favourites (mixture of movies and TV shows) visit while Teen Screams can be found at

Secret Netflix Codes for Christmas Movies

Family Christmas movies secret Netflix codes

And finally, for the Christmas holiday season you’ll find plenty of Christmas movies available on Netflix, perfect for family movie time. The whole category of Christmas children & family films can be found at

Surprisingly, there’s also a category of “Feel-good Christmas children & family films” (aren’t nearly all Christmas movies feel-good?) which you can watch at

Or if you prefer Goofy christmas children & family films head to

British Christmas children & family films are at, while European Christmas children & family films are at

Then once the kids are tucked up in bed dreaming of sugarplums and Rudolf, check out romantic Christmas films over at

Secret Netflix codes

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