These Irish Books for Kids Make Great Gifts to Treasure

Emily Manning

Emily Manning

October 16, 2022

irish books for kids

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Discover the folklore, legend, magic and mystery that Ireland is famous for with these engaging and exciting Irish books for kids. From facts and fairies to first Irish words, there is certainly something for everyone with this round up of new releases and classic tales.

Whether you are Irish, living in Ireland, planning a visit, or just have an interest in the Emerald Isle, these Irish-themed books are a brilliant way to learn more about Irish culture, history, traditions and folklore.

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Irish Books for Kids and Families to Enjoy

Irelandopedia by John Burke and Fatti Burke

irelandopedia for irish books for kids

Get ready to go on an exciting adventure around Ireland with Irelandopedia! Unleash your imagination and sense of adventure as you discover Ireland like you’ve never seen it before!

Armchair travellers of any age will be totally absorbed by Fatti Burke’s detailed illustrations and her father John’s fabulous facts, which can be discovered on every page.

Spot the ghosts in Dunluce Castle. Can you find the vanishing lake? Eat a blaa in Waterford and a yellowman in Antrim. Travel to the highest peak and the smallest harbour — even discover which county Elvis Presley’s ancestors were from!

Go fact-hunting and collect knowledge, county by county, until you have an Irelandopedic knowledge yourself!

The Dead Zoo by Peter Donnelly

The Dead Zoo for irish books

Mr Gray is a very serious man. And he is in charge of a very old, very serious museum, filled to the brim with stuffed animals.

Mr Gray does not like people. He does not like children. In fact, he is most at home with things that are stuffed. So when a real, live mouse decides to move into The Dead Zoo, Mr Gray is determined that she must go. That is, until he needs her help…

Usborne Very First Words in Irish

first words in irish for irish books

Usborne’s Very First Words in Irish is a lively and bright picture word book with colourful scenes illustrating over 100 familiar words. Scenes show favourite topics such as toys, animals, vehicles and parts of the body, and each object is labelled with its name in Irish.

Illustrated with photographs of Jo Litchfield’s delightful handmade models.

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Favourite Irish Legends

Favourite Irish Legends is a bumper collection of Ireland’s favourite legends for children. Included here are: The Children of Lir, The Brown Bull of Cooley, Deirdre of the Sorrows, The Salmon of Knowledge and a host of other legends of Oisin, Setanta, Fionn and the heroes of Irish Irish mythology.

The Great Irish Science Book by Prof Luke O’Neill

Join Trinity’s Professor Luke O’Neill on the greatest journey of them all in The Great Irish Science Book. From the very big to the very small – vast galaxies to microscopic atoms – travel through the wonders of the universe, the mysteries of the human body, and the tiny world of molecules. Discover the Irish scientists that have helped to shape our world and find out how to become one yourself.

How do we measure the universe? Why do we need plants? How do our bodies repair themselves when we are ill? What species will exist on earth in a million years’ time? Discover the answers to these questions and a lot more in this thrilling and engrossing book packed with fascinating phenomena, vibrant illustrations, experiments you can do yourself, and heaps of fun facts.

Dr Hibernica Finch’s Compelling Compendium of Irish Animals

Giving loving and detailed information about the robins, puffins and owls of the air, seals and basking sharks of Ireland’s waters, and the hedgehogs, otters and deer who share the land, Dr Hibernica Finch’s Compelling Compendium of Irish Animals details 28 of Ireland’s most compelling and iconic birds and animals.

Irish Fairy Tales by Edmund Leamy

Irish Fairy Tales for irish books

Irish Fairy Tales is a charming collection of spellbinding tales from Ireland’s Gaelic past. From the story of the dwarf who wins the hand of a beautiful princess, and a white cat who helps a prince defeat a giant, to an enchanted cave that leads to the fairy queen’s lands, and a huntsman who becomes the champion of Tara, the stories in this little book will enchant and entertain readers of all ages.

Horrible Histories: Ireland

Ireland – a land full of horrid history, built on centuries of dreadful deeds. What better setting for a Horrible Histories book to make you shudder?

From cruel Celtic chieftains, savage sieges and foul famines to the wretched rebellions of the troubled 20th century, there’s plenty in Horrible Histories: Ireland to make you say “eeeek”!

You’ll find out why wax models were captured and made prisoners of war; which wild warriors went into battle naked; how to make yourself invisible the Irish way! Then read on to visit a vile chambers of horrors – and learn the top twenty Irish curses ever! History just doesn’t get more horrible!

Blazing a Trail by Sarah Webb

Blazing a Trail for irish books for kids

Blazing a Trail is a book for everyone who dreams of changing the world.

From fearless aviator, Lady Mary Heath, the first woman in the world to parachute from an aeroplane, to Margaret Bulkley, the 18th-century surgeon who lived as a man, meet 28 remarkable Irish women who have taken the world by storm. You may have already heard some of their names, like Countess Markievicz and Mary Robinson, but others, like Anne Sullivan, Lilian Bland or Anna Haslam, may be new to you.

Packed with fun, fascinating facts and stunning, full-page illustrations, this book celebrates the trail blazers who have shaped the world we live in.

The Great Irish Farm Book by Darragh McCullough

The Great Irish Farm Book for irish books

Everything your child needs to know about Irish farms!

Did you know that there are almost 2,000,000 pigs in Ireland? And that sheep have rectangular pupils, which means they have amazing vision? Would you believe only 10 per cent of the milk produced in Ireland is consumed here? And that hens are pregnant for 21 days, but a horse can be pregnant for up to 345 days? How about the fact that despite our love of spuds, grass is Ireland’s top crop, covering 3,700,000 hectares, while potatoes cover only 9,000 hectares?

From the farmer’s day to the changing of the seasons, from animals and crops to machinery and technology, and from ancient times to the modern day, The Great Irish Farm Book will take you on a fascinating journey through life on an Irish farm.

The Children of Lir

The Children of Lir for irish books

The four children of King Lear are happy when their father marries again. Aoife, their new stepmother, is very kind to them. But in her heart she is jealous of the children and uses her secret magic powers to cast a spell on them, changing them into swans. They spend long years on lonely lakes and frozen seas, until one day the spell is broken and they are human again. Though everyone they loved is long gone, they know they are home at last.

The Children of Lir is a classic Irish legend that can be enjoyed by all ages.

Historopedia by John Burke and Fatti Burke

It’s a time-travelling journey through Ireland … it’s a Historopedia!

Buckle up and get ready to travel back in time with John and Fatti Burke’s new adventure through Ireland’s history and discover the story of Ireland, era by era. A perfect introduction to Ireland’s history for young and old, this illustrated journey through Ireland’s culture and events explores over ten thousand years filled with bloody battles, dreadful disasters and revolutionary rebels.

Historopedia looks at wars and disasters; introduces artists, explorers and leaders; shows us living in castles, cottages and tenements. Learn about the Great Famine, the vicious Vikings and the Easter Rising. Protest with the suffragettes, set sail with Granuaile and hunt with the Neolithic people.

With Historopedia, you will learn about the men, women (and dinosaurs) who came here before us.

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best bedtime stories container

The Story of Ireland by Brendan O’Brien

The Story of Ireland begins ‘After the Ice’ and lasts 9,000 years, telling the story of the whole island and its people.

The book’s 27 chapters chronicle the big picture of invasions, wars, Christianity, famine and a divided island, mixed with tales of Celtic head hunters, mysterious stone tombs, the Vikings, the black death, life in castles, the Titanic tragedy, music, mobiles and computers. When it ends, a new story is just beginning.

The Great Irish Weather Book by Joanna Donnelly

There’s nothing the Irish like more than talking about the weather!

In The Great Irish Weather Book, meteorologist Joanna Donnelly explains what weather is and how it happens. From cold fronts to climate change, satellites to storms, this book contains everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the weather.

Beautifully illustrated by Fuchsia MacAree, and containing lots of interesting facts and experiments, this is a book that every curious child will love.

Dare to Dream by Sarah Webb

Dare to Dream for irish books

In Dare to Dream, you’ll discover a world of courage, bravery and adventure. Adventurers, explorers, inventors, dreamers…. for a small country, Irish people have had a huge impact internationally. From helping street children in India, to saving Jewish children during World War II and exploring new worlds, their reach has been world-wide. From Michael Collins to Rosie Hackett, Lady Gregory to Tom Crean, this book celebrates the brave and daring Irish.

Be inspired by some of Ireland’s most daring and fearless men and women.

The O’Brien Book of Irish Fairy Tales & Legends by Una Leavy

Irish fairy tales and legends are full of enchantment, brave deeds and lost loves. Told from generation to generation, they are as fascinating now as they were to their original listeners.

The O’Brien Book of Irish Fairy Tales and Legends is a wonderfully rich and varied collection are ten of the best-loved traditional Irish stories, retold by author and poet Una Leavy. The Post of Gold captures the trickery and mischief of leprechauns; the story of Oisin in Tír na n-Óg marks the end of the great Fianna. From 2,000 years ago comes The Children of Lir … all stories to be treasured for years to come.

Susan Field’s beautiful illustrations are inspired by ancient Celtic art and culture. They capture the wealth of tradition, the humour and the magic of these great stories.

Under the Hawthorn Tree by Marita Conlon-McKenna

Under the Hawthorn Tree is Ireland’s top selling children’s book and has become a classic for young readers worldwide.

Ireland in the 1840s is devastated by famine. When tragedy strikes their family, Eily, Michael and Peggy are left to fend for themselves. Starving and in danger of the dreaded workhouse, they escape. Their one hope is to find the great aunts they have heard about in their mother’s stories.With tremendous courage they set out on a journey that will test every reserve of strength, love and loyalty they possess.

This is the first book in the famine trilogy, followed by Wildflower Girl and Fields of Home.

The Moon Spun Round

The Moon Spun Round

This book brings the spirit and beauty of the writing of W.B. Yeats to the younger audience. Sumptuous illustrations complement the carefully selected works of Yeats, which includes poems, stories, a letter from his childhood, and an account of the childhood memories of his daughter Anne.

Including unpublished work, The Moon Spun Round draws on Yeats’ preoccupation with magic, fairy lore, place, family and childhood. The mystical and magical tone will entrance younger readers.

Focloiropedia by John Burke and Fatti Burke

This breathtakingly exciting book discovers the Irish language as you’ve never learned it before! In Focloiropedia, Fatti Burke’s amazing illustrations and her father John’s fabulous teaching bring the language alive with every turn of the page.

A visual introduction to Ireland’s language for young and old, you will learn your first thousand words, discover your culture and enjoy the fabulous quirks and features of your native tongue!

Bringing a contemporary appeal to a classic subject, get ready to fall in love with your language. It’s Irish as you’ve never seen it before!

The Great Big Book of Irish Wildlife by Juanita Browne

The Great Big Book of Irish Wildlife

The Great Big Book of Irish Wildlife is a beautifully illustrated book that guides the reader through the seasons in Ireland, introducing Irish birds, mammals, plants, insects, and amphibians. Overflowing with stunning photographs and engaging, child-friendly cartoons accompanied by clear accessible text.

Explore nature in your back garden as well as in mountains, rivers, forests and sea. Learn about weird and wonderful natural phenomena, such as the metamorphosis from tadpole to frog; the red deer rut in autumn; or a starling flock in winter.

This is a wonderful gift for children to help open their eyes to the natural world, from a real expert.

Mr Men & Little Miss in Ireland by Roger Hargreaves

Mr Quiet has always spoken few words, but Mr Chatterbox has decided to take him to kiss the Blarney Stone in Ireland in the hope he’ll learn to chat more!

Join the Mr Men and Little Miss as they visit the Titanic Experience, climb the Giant’s Causeway, go fishing in Galway and enjoy the Kilkenny Arts Festival on their way to Blarney Castle. But will Mr Quiet be granted the gift of the gab when he kisses the famous Blarney Stone?

Mr Men & Little Miss in Ireland is a fun way to introduce some of Ireland’s landmarks to young children.

Fifi Flurry and the Sleepy Snowflake by Elaine Heaney

Fifi Flurry and the Sleepy Snowflake

Fifi Flurry and the Sleepy Snowflake is a wonderfully chilly tale of a snow-flurry called Fifi and her family of little snowflakes, wholly created and produced in Ireland, suitable for children from age 3-6.

Wonderfully Weathery Books is an Irish-owned business that publishes children’s picture books about a land called Weatherville, where the weather lives!

The aim of these books is to teach children about the weather by introducing them to different weather characters and showing how they interact together to create different types of weather. There are four books available in the Weatherville series.

irish books for kids

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