Colours in Irish: Language Learning Skills for Kids

Emily Manning

Emily Manning

June 1, 2022

Learn the colours in Irish

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Do you know your ‘glas’ from your ‘gorm’, or your ‘dearg’ from your ‘dubh’? Kids will love to learn their colours in Irish and then practice with colour activities like colouring, sorting or our fun rainbow scavenger hunt done through Irish!

Irish has seen a huge surge in popularity around the world – and it’s always fun for kids to have a few tricks up their sleeve. Counting to ten, days of the week, or the rainbow wheel of colours to recite!

Learn the Colours in Irish

With unique pronunciations and grammatical rules, Irish is certainly a language like no other! While many languages have elements of similarity, for example Spanish and Italian, Irish doesn’t fit that bill at all. Take a look at the list of colours in Irish below and you’ll see what we mean!

Red = dearg

Orange = oráiste

Yellow = buí

Green = glas

Blue = gorm

Pink = bándearg

Purple = corcra

Brown = donn

Black = dubh

Grey = liath

White = bán

If you loved learning the colours in Irish, why not try some more fantastic Irish words and phrases that are perfect for beginners or anyone needing a refresher.

Colours in Irish - Language Learning Skills for Kids - Mykidstime

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Like this? Share it with your network!

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