The 20 Best Things About Cooking with Kids


July 23, 2019

best things about cooking with kids

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Do you like to cook with your child or is the impending mess just too much to put you off?! Here are the 20 best things about cooking with kids, we promise these will convert you!

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If you are a bit of a neat- or control freak then the thought of cooking with your child might be a bit daunting. But take it from me, kids love getting hands on with food and you’ll be passing on life skills.

You can also pass on recipes, traditions and techniques that you picked up from your family at the same time.

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The 20 Best Things About Cooking With Kids

#1. It’s Quality Time Together

Cooking together is time spent bonding. Especially the part where you get to lick the bowl!

#2. Your Children Will Feel Responsibility

They get to be responsible for the task at hand, be it measuring out or adding an ingredient or mixing the dough.

#3. It’s A Chance To Catch Up

You can catch up with what’s going on in their lives. They will feel relaxed in their baking activities and the stories may, just like the cake mixture, pour out.

#4. You’ll Encourage Curiosity

Cooking together will make kids curious about where food comes from and it’s a chance to teach them about nutritious food and why our bodies need them.

#5. It’s Educational and Fun At The Same Time

It’s not just fun and tasty, it’s also educational. Kids get to practice their reading, measuring and weighing, and telling the time.

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#6. Eating Together Creates Mindful Eating HAbits

Family meals can create mindful eating habits where kids can learn to listen to their bodies. When we eat slowly and without distractions, we are more aware of our hunger levels and are less likely to overeat.

#7. You Grow Together As a Family

A planned daily, weekly, or even monthly meal can improve a family’s functionality as well as its trust between family members.

#8. Kids Learn Teamwork

Children will learn about sharing and working together to make an end result – such as dinner.

#9. Cooking Together Can Encourage Them To Try New Foods

Knowing that they helped cook this new food will make them curious to taste it and hopefully they will like it and want to eat it again.

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dreamstime_kid - cooking cracking eggs#10. They Will Learn The Virtue Of Patience

They will have to let those muffins sit in the oven for 20 minutes or until let those cookies cool until they are ready.

#11. You Are Creating Memories With Your Kids

They will fondly remember licking the batter off the wooden spoon. It will be messy and chaotic at times, but a clean kitchen is the sign of a boring day.

“Excuse the Mess, We Have Been Making Memories”

#12. You Can Even Involve The Smallies

Putting younger kids in charge of stirring the mixture, fetching ingredients, or icing simple baked goodies helps them be part of the fun from an early age.

#13. The Kitchen Is The Heart Of The Home

It’s a place to share love, laughter and recipes.

#14. You Are Teaching An Important Life Skill

When they leave home they should know how to make themselves something to feed themselves!

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#15. You Get To Pass On Traditions

Maybe there’s a special way that your mother or grandmother taught you to prepare something. Or a recipe that’s made on special occasions. Cooking together is a chance to pass on some family traditions.

#16. It Gets Kids Excited About Food

The sense of achievement that baking and cooking creates, is a great way to get the kids excited about good, healthy food and, in turn, good eating habits.

#17. You May Have a Future Chef On Your Hands

Most successful chefs start cooking from a young age so you could be nurturing a Michelin star of the future!

#18. You’ll Help Your Child Develop Their Palate

It will help your child to develop a mature palate and a taste for fresh ingredients. The earlier kids become used to nutritious foods, the less likely they will acquire a taste for processed foods.

#19. You Get To Practice Language Skills

Cooking with the kids is a good opportunity to practice language skills by describing what you are doing, as well as asking and answering questions.

#20. And finally, because happiness is ….. homemade!

Over to you now. Do you enjoy getting hands on in the kitchen with your child? Any tips for cooking with kids? Let us know in the comments below.

The 20 Best Things About Cooking With Kids

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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