Simple Superhero Party Food Ideas You Can Make In Minutes

Emily Manning

Emily Manning

October 5, 2019

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Calling all superheroes – it’s party time! One of the best ways to theme a party is with the food on offer for your guests, and these simple (and delicious) superhero party food ideas will transform your party in minutes!

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A little prep and creative presentation goes a long way when it comes to creating the wow factor. None of the superhero party food ideas listed below require any special ingredients or equipment, so they are perfect for a laid-back party at home.

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Superhero Party Food With the WOW Factor!

Healthy Heroes

Parties are always a licence to eat sweets and treats, but offering some appetising looking healthy snacks is always a great idea.

superhero party food

Image: Simply Sarah Style

We love this idea from Simply Sarah Style for superhero-themed fruit skewers. Just pick your favourite character, and then use their signature colours as inspiration.

Make the most of the rainbow fruit colours to find the best-suited colours for your favourite superhero – blue and red for Superman or Spiderman; black and yellow for Batman; green and black for the Incredible Hulk; red and yellow for Iron Man; and so on.

superhero party food

Image: Sweeten Your Day Events

Alternatively, you could try dishing up a superhero salad bar like this one from Sweeten Your Day Events. We love the idea of picking your own super power – those shape-shifting grapes look yum! You could also try ‘laser vision’ carrots, ‘super strength’ broccoli florets, ‘super speed’ celery sticks or ‘force field’ melon wedges.

Superhero party food

Image: Masshole Mommy

These Thor hammers from Masshole Mommy not only look the part, but they are quick to assemble and tasty to eat!

All you need to do is cut some cheese into cubes, insert the pretzel stick handles, and you’re done! Thor would be proud.

If you have enough healthy options already, these Thor hammers could also be made with a marshmallow instead of cheese – the end result is just as quick, easy and impressive.

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Superhero Party Food On A Stick

Kids LOVE food on a stick – it instantly becomes a hit at a party. From chicken skewers to fruit kebabs, there are plenty of options to choose from.

party food

Image: Karo’s Fun Land

These oreo cake pops from Karo’s Fun Land are bound to be a huge success. Karo’s tutorial makes these really easy to put together – but we recommend you make extra because these will be snapped up!

superhero party food

Image: Liz On Call

For a different take, what about these dipped oreos on a stick? Liz On Call gives some great ideas on how to make these superhero pops.

superhero party food

Image: Sugar and Soul Co

These Incredible Hulk marshmallow pops with chocolate sprinkles for hair look great! Check out the video tutorial from Sugar and Soul Co to see how to create them. For extra detail, you could draw a face using an edible marker.

superhero party food

Image: Look What I Made

Use icing or an icing pen to draw villains and heroes on marshmallows for a quick superhero party food idea. This version from Look What I Made shows just how easy it is to create an eye-catching centrepiece for your superhero party.

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Super Bites

These is something so deliciously more-ish about bite-size party food! This is definitely my guilty pleasure – but they’re so tiny they don’t count, right?

superhero party foodSometimes all it takes is the right packaging. Parcel up some crisps, popcorn or sweets in little homemade cones – they look fantastic and take minimal effort!

For added style, why not try comic book printed paper or pages?

If you need a holder for the cones, try using an upturned shoe box or cereal box. Cover it with paper (even wrapping paper would work well), then pierce a pattern of holes approximately 1-2 inches in diameter in the cardboard to hold the cones.

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superhero party food

Image: A Grande Life

A Grande Life created these Captain America shield bites, which look fantastic. All it took were some pretzels, white chocolate melts and M&Ms – simple!

Captain America superhero party food

Image: Cheryl Cavanaugh

Party guests of all ages will appreciate this superhero platter. Designed by Cheryl Cavanaugh to look like Captain America’s shield, it is the perfect mix of naughty and nice. This combo of bite-sized bits is really effective, but this could also be recreated for other superheroes – for example, a bat-shape made of blackberries in the centre of a melon or pineapple chunk oval platter.

superhero party food

Image: Uncustomary Housewife

This idea for Poison Ivy seeds could not be any easier! Varying shades of green – Skittles, M&Ms, Smarties – do all the work for you.

Get the party boy or girl to do the artwork, and you are officially done!

Uncustomary Housewife deserves all the credit for this idea, which was part of a Batman birthday party and featured lots of simple superhero party food ideas to tie in all the villains and heroes from Gotham City.

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Superhero Cupcakes

A kids party without cupcakes? Is it even possible?!

superhero cupcakes

Image: Sugar Swings

Sugar Swings created these cupcakes, and gives some great tips on how to use a printed template to create the cupcake toppers.

If you’re looking to take cupcakes to the next level, take a minute to watch The Icing Artist’s tutorial for a 3D Incredible Hulk topper. Hulk smash!

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Have your say! Do you have any other superhero party food ideas to share? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

Simple Superhero Party Food Ideas You Can Make In Minutes - Mykidstime

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