How to Throw an Unforgettable Superhero Theme Party

Emily Manning

Emily Manning

June 30, 2019

superhero party

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Does your little one dream of saving the world, capturing the villain, and being the hero? Then a superhero theme party is the perfect birthday celebration, and we are here to help with ideas on how to throw an unforgettable superhero theme party to wow your guests.

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Whether your child is a DC Comics or Marvel fan, there are plenty of superhero theme party ideas, from themed party food to superhero games and decorations.

Better still, most of them are easy to do with a little advance preparation and deliver maximum impact, which is really the perfect party combination.

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Throwing a Superhero Theme Party: The Essentials

Spread the Word

Superhero theme party invitation

Image: Etsy

First things first, the party invitations need to be sent out. You can easily pick up superhero themed invitations at your local party store, although the choice may be limited to specific superheroes that aren’t your child’s favourite.

Alternatively, you could order bespoke or personalised invitations from suppliers on Etsy, many of which are usually instant downloads that you then print yourself.

Another great option is to get the birthday child involved and buy blank cards in your local stationery or book shop, and then have your child use stickers, drawings or cut-out pictures to make their own personalised party invites.

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Decorate in Style

Superhero theme party decorations

Image: Pinterest

When it comes to party decorations and accessories, particularly for a theme like superheroes, you can’t go wrong with sources like Etsy, eBay, Amazon, and online party stores. If your child has a particular preference for their favourite superhero, you could theme the party accordingly – black and yellow for Batman, green for The Hulk, red and gold for Iron Man, and so on.

If your child is just superhero-mad and fancies the whole ensemble cast, then you can’t go wrong using a palette of red, blue, white and yellow. These superhero colours provide major impact and you can easily organise themed food to co-ordinate with your party decorations.

The pop art or comic book style of superhero parties, with plenty of ‘kapow’ and ‘boom’, is a great way to have a superhero theme without the need to include everyone from Spiderman and Thor to Captain America and Wonder Woman.

Have Fun with Superhero Games

Superhero theme party games

Image: Etsy

Keep little (and big) ones entertained with a whole host of superhero themed party games.

Superhero Training Academy

One of the best ways to organise the party is to create a superhero training academy.

Some ideas include:

  • Using ribbon or crepe paper to create a web for the mini superheroes to crawl through,
  • Followed by showing off their balancing skills by walking on a beam
  • Fun superhero themed obstacle courses
  • Target practice using skittles or old tins decorated with your superhero theme

Intersperse some races and speed tests, hula hoop jumps, ring toss, tunnel crawls, Frisbee throwing and lots of other skill tests, to create your very own superhero party academy!

Design a Superhero Mask

For indoor superhero party fun, have the party-goers design their own superhero mask. Buy blank coloured masks (or cut your own) and let the kids decorate with stickers, shapes and markers. They could create their own superhero, or replicate their favourite.

Make sure to write names on the back, and these can later be included in the party bags when it’s time to go home.

Superhero Photo Booth

Don’t forget to practice your superhero poses! Create your very own party photo booth – all you need is a simple, plain backdrop and some props. You can buy these readymade from local stores or online retailers. Or you could make them yourself with coloured card and dressing up supplies. Make sure to designate someone to be the official photographer, and your superhero party photos are sure to be out of this world.

Budget-Friendly Superhero Party Ideas

Create a Skyline

Superhero theme party decorations

Image: Pinterest

One of our favourite ideas is to reuse empty cereal boxes or cardboard to create a superhero skyline background, perfect for table decorations or as a superhero photo backdrop.

Draw a staggered skyline on the cardboard, cut it out and cover with black paper. Use small squares of yellow paper to create the look of illuminated windows. This is an incredibly simple, but highly effective superhero party decoration!

Setting the Party Table

Rather than spending extra money on superhero themed partyware, opt for solid colours (particularly blue, red, yellow and black), which will still create an eye-catching table.

Make your own labels for the party food, then cut them out and stick to cocktail sticks, raw spaghetti or straws.

Free Party Games

Traditional party games can also take a (free) superhero twist:

  • Musical statues becomes strike a superhero pose
  • Pin the tail on the donkey could be pin the spider on the web or the star on the shield
  • Create an x-ray vision station for the kids to guess what they can feel in a bag or box while blindfolded.

Don’t Forget the Superhero Party Food

superhero party food

Image: Simply Sarah Style

The great thing about superhero party food is that it doesn’t need to be too different from what the kids are already used to. The best way to make the food interesting is by using shapes and colour. For example, use a cookie cutter to create sandwich and fruit shapes to match the superhero theme (e.g. batman, stars, lightening bolt) and make use of colour for things like cupcake icing, jelly and sweets.

Red, white and blue is a great starting point for much of the superhero food – that coordinates well with Superman, Spiderman, Captain America and Wonder Woman, and is also very striking.

For a healthy option, we love the fruit kebabs idea from Simply Sarah Style above for superhero-themed fruit skewers. Just pick your favourite character, and then use their signature colours as inspiration.

Superhero Theme Party Bags

superhero theme party bags

Image: Pinterest

We love these solid colour party bags that can be decorated in keeping with your superhero party theme. Not only do they look more striking than the plastic goody bags, they’re cheaper too.

There is a multitude of free superhero themed party printables available online, including puzzle and colouring pages, that would be perfect for sending home in your little superheroes’ party bags.

Give normal treats a superhero makeover with printable personalised wrappers for everything from chocolate bars to bubble bottles – so get your printer going and let it do all the hard work for you!

Most importantly, now that your superhero party guests have passed their training bootcamp, they need a certificate to prove it! Print off a very prestigious (and thoroughly official…) certificate for them to take home and proudly display as a memento of a fantastic superhero party. You can design your own, or look online for options that tie in with your theme.

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Have your say! Don’t forget to let us know how your superhero theme party goes! Did you use any of our party ideas? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

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