12 Wonder Woman Party Ideas For a Sure Fire Birthday Success

Jill Holtz

January 30, 2019

wonder woman party ideas

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With the arrival of Wonder Woman at the movies this year, there’s sure to be a few requests for a Wonder Woman Themed birthday party! Here are 12 Wonder Woman Party Ideas For a Sure Fire Birthday Success:

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Wonder Woman was one of my favourite programmes when I was younger, I just loved the fact that the super hero was a girl! If you have a super hero fan in your house requesting a super hero themed party then you might like these ideas:

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12 Wonder Woman Party Ideas For a Sure Fire Birthday Success

#1. Wonder Woman Party Invitations

Of course you’ll need some Wonder Woman Party Invitations so grab these free printable versions on My Fiesta For Geeks.

wonder woman party ideas

Image: My Fiesta For Geeks

#2. Wonder Woman Cookies

Make these fabulous Wonder Woman Cookies, here’s a how to video:

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#3. Wonder Woman Cupcakes

We love this fun Wonder Woman dress made out of Wonder Woman cupcakes with a little tiara on the top cupcake for her head.

wonder woman party ideas

Image found on Pinterest

#4. Wonder Woman Bottle Labels

You can get these fun bottle labels on Etsy.com where you can buy the digital PDF with 2 different labels styles ready to print and stick onto e.g. water bottles for super hero drinks.

wonder woman party ideas

#5. Wonder Woman Birthday Cake

Isn’t this Wonder Woman Birthday Cake featured on Cakechooser fabulous? It has two tiers and is decorated with a gold rope and gold tiara.

wonder woman party ideas

Image: Cakechooser.com

#6. Wonder Woman Cake Pops

wonder woman party ideas

Image: Catchmyparty

Make cake pops and decorate them with Wonder Woman colours like these ones on Catchmyparty.

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#7. Super Hero Words

Grab free printables of Super Hero words like Pow! Smash! Boom! Ka-blam! from Kids Party Works.

You could also make these into photo booth props by sticking them onto long sticks.

wonder woman party ideas

Image: Kidspartyworks.com

#8. Wonder Woman Tiara Template

Print off Wonder Woman Tiaras from templates on Firstpalette. They have two versions, one plain one that the party guests could colour themselves to turn it into a party activity, or pre-coloured ones ready to print. The tiara template also has cuffs to print to make your Wonder Woman gauntlets.

wonder woman party ideas

Image: Firstpalette.com

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#9. Wonder Woman Logo

You can print Wonder Woman’s logo for free at Coloring-pictures.net and use it as a coloring activity or for decorations.

wonder woman party ideas

Image: Coloring-pictures.net

#10. Wonder Woman Popcorn

We love these colorful blue red and yellow Wonder Woman Popcorn bags from Weheartparties perfect for salty or sweet popcorn for a little healthier party treat.

wonder woman party ideas

Image: Weheartparties.com

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#11. Wonder Woman Party Favor Bags

This is a nice idea from Ruby’s 5th Party on Pizzazzerie, to use simple yellow gift bags to make super hero party loot bags by adding stickers and stars.

wonder woman party ideas

Image: Pizzazzerie.com

#12. Super Hero Obstacle Course

Get your little Wonder Women guests running about by creating a super fun super hero obstacle course, we love this idea from Beaucoup.com where they have to crawl under the ribbons.

wonder woman party ideas

Image: Beau-coup.com

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Have your say! Have you hosted a Wonder Woman Themed Party or have you got any suggestions for Wonder Woman Party Ideas? Share them with us in the comments below.

Wonder Woman Party Ideas Pinterest

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Like this? Share it with your network!

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