BBQ Tips and Recipes for Cooking Outdoors with Calor


May 5, 2023

Recipes for cooking outdoors with Calor

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Is there anything better than cooking outdoors on a warm summer evening and enjoying relaxed time with family and friends? As we head into the summer season, we have teamed up with Calor to bring you some top safety tips and tasty recipes for cooking outdoors.

So set the date and place, get the ingredients, hook up your renewable Calor gas cylinder and get your grill on for a tasty treat to remember.

Tasty BBQ Recipes

Tangy Citrus Chicken, Fish or Cauliflower

The secret to this recipe is the marinade. It can be used with either chicken drumsticks, wings, breast or thighs or you could use it to marinade fish like a cod loin, a salmon darne or monkfish tail too. It is equally good with cauliflower cut into steaks.


  • Zest and juice of a large orange
  • Zest and juice of half a lime
  • 4 pieces of chicken, fish or cauliflower steaks
  • 1 clove of garlic, crushed
  • 1 inch of fresh ginger grated
  • 1 tablespoon soy sauce
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil (an extra tablespoon of oil should be used for cauliflower)
  • Ground black pepper
  • Chilli flakes if you like some spice


  1. Mix together all the marinade ingredients in a large bowl
  2. Add your chicken/fish/cauliflower
  3. Cover with cling film and leave in the fridge for at least an hour to marinate (chicken and cauliflower can be left overnight but fish should be removed after an hour as the citrus juice will soften the fish too much.
  4. Remove from the marinade and cook on a hot BBQ for 20 to 25 mins.
  5. Check it is cooked through before serving .

Pork and Avocado Burgers

I wanted an alternative to minced beef for burgers and found a recipe for chicken avocado burgers which I have adapted and used with minced pork instead. I find the pork stays more moist than the chicken. I like to add a slice of pickled beetroot to mine for serving! I think this recipe would also work well with minced lamb too.

Ingredients – Serves 4

  • 500kg/1lbs minced pork
  • 1 green apple grated
  • 1 avocado chopped into bite size chunks
  • Juice of half a lemon
  • 1 clove garlic crushed
  • 1 teaspoon chilli flakes (optional)
  • 1 handful breadcrumbs (2 slices bread)
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Toasted Bun
  • Mayonnaise/natural yoghurt/sour cream/apple sauce for serving


  1. Mix all the ingredients (except those for serving) into a large bowl
  2. Form into 4 large patties (or 6 to 8 smaller ones)
  3. Place in the fridge until you are ready to cook
  4. Cook for 10 to 15 mins, turning once on your BBQ or grill
  5. Serve in a toasted bun with a sauce of your choice

Potato Boats

Recipes for cooking outdoors

Baked potatoes are a staple for any outdoor cooking. You can bake them on the BBQ or in the oven beforehand and finish them on the BBQ. This potato boat recipe is a fun, alternative way of serving up regular baked spuds.


  • Baked potatoes (one for everyone and few spares!)
  • Your favourite cheese, camembert, brie, goats, cheddar, stilton, or gruyere all work well
  • Sliced ham, experiment with different types or you could use crispy bacon
  • Olives
  • Sour cream
  • Spring onions


  1. Bake the potatoes
  2. Cut horizontally into each potato at one inch intervals to create pockets
  3. Stuff with cheese, ham, bacon or olives into each cut
  4. Wrap the potato in tinfoil and return to the grill so the cheese melts
  5. Once melted smother in sour cream and sprinkle with chopped spring onions and serve

S’Mores Dip

Rather than making individual s’mores next time you are cooking outdoors try this s’mores dip as an alternative.


  • 250g (small packet) mini marshmallows
  • 150g cream cheese
  • 2 large tablespoons chocolate spread or 2 small packets (75kg) milk/white/dark chocolate chips
  • Foil
  • Biscuits (your favourites!)
  • Fresh fruit for dipping (strawberries or bananas work well)


  1. Mix the marshmallows, cream cheese and chocolate in a bowl
  2. Make a foil parcel and add the mixture to it
  3. Ensure it is well sealed and place onto the BBQ or grill
  4. Wait for 5 mins until the mixture has heated and combined
  5. Open the parcel and let everyone dip their choice of biscuit or fruit!

Get The Right Fit!

Whether you are cooking outdoors in the garden, want to heat your patio space or are going on a camping adventure, Calor renewable gas cylinders have the right fit for your outdoor space with their 6kg and 11kg cylinders.

Top Outdoor Cooking Tips with Calor

tips and recipes for Cooking outdoors in association with Calor
  1. Let any raw meat, fish or vegetables come to room temperature before cooking. If they are too cold in the centre when you add them to the BBQ, the outside could burn before the inside is cooked.
  2. Keep raw foods away from fresh foods and remove any containers from the grill area as soon as you have taken the ingredients out of them.
  3. Always check that meat and fish is cooked thoroughly by cutting into each piece to check that it’s not pink and the juices are running clear. It should be piping hot right through. Think about purchasing a meat thermometer for extra peace of mind.
  4. If using wooden skewers for kebabs, steep them in water for a couple of minutes before making your kebabs to avoid them burning during cooking.
  5. Keep cooked foods covered until you are ready to serve.
  6. Use your BBQ to its full potential – remember, barbecues aren’t just for meat. You can cook vegetables and all sorts of desserts on them too!
  7. Gas BBQs allow you to control the temperature much more easily which will help to ensure you get it right.
  8. Clean your BBQ grill with hot soapy water after use. Use a mild cream cleaner on a non-abrasive pad to remove any food residue. Rinse well and dry thoroughly before storing away for next time.

Setting the Scene

Outdoor cooking and eating is so much fun but it can get cold once the sun goes down. Make the space cosy and warm with a patio heater or flame tower to ensure your guests are comfortable for the whole evening.

Add solar lights and for nights when rain threatens, a canopy to set the perfect scene for your outdoor gathering.

tips and recipes for cooking outdoors Calor

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Like this? Share it with your network!

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