7 Quick & Tasty Potato Recipes for Family Picnics or BBQs

bord bia potato recipes brazzilian potato and vegetable kebab

We have teamed up with Potato.ie to bring you 7 quick & tasty potato recipes that are perfect for family BBQs or to make and take with you on a picnic. There is everything from mini burgers with potato buns to tornado twister potatoes and salmon and potato salad. These potato recipes are guaranteed to be a hit with all the family this summer! 

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#1. Bavarian Potato Salad with BBQ Pork Medallions

potato recipes bavarian potato salad and BBQ Pork bord bia


The Bavarian Potato Salad is perfect for a picnic and the BBQ pork can be cooked on a griddle pan to take along or cooked on the BBQ and served alongside the salad for a seasonal summer feast! And best of all the prep time on this recipe is only 20 minutes (although pork is best marinaded overnight).

#2. Tornado Twister Potato Skewers with Zingy Lime Mayo

These tornado twister potatoes are a great alternative to baked potatoes for summer BBQ’s and picnics. You cook them in the oven and serve them with zingy lime mayo. You could add them to the top rack on your BBQ to give them a smokey flavour the whole family will love.

Potato Recipes from Bord Bia and Potato.ie summer 2018

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And in case you needed convincing, here are 6 spud-tastic reasons why we love potatoes:
  1. Potatoes are healthy and nutritious, they are salt-free, low in sugar and a great source of fibre and potassium, yay!
  2. Potatoes are naturally fat-free and saturated-fat-free
  3. Potatoes are gluten free.
  4. Our bodies need carbs for energy and the potato is a natural unprocessed carb serving as a good source of dietary fibre. 
  5. Potatoes can be quick and easy to prepare and cook.
  6. Potatoes are so versatile, forming the basis of lots of different meal ideas.

Bord Bia potato recipes

#3. Grilled Salmon & Potato Rainbow Salad

salmon and potato rainbow salad potato recipes from bord bia

The salmon can be cooked on the bbq and added to the potato rainbow salad for the perfect picnic treat or BBQ meal. You could also char your vegetables on the BBQ by keeping them in larger chunks and cutting them after they come off the grill. The whole dish is easy to transport for a picnic and the dressing can be added when you get to your ideal picnic spot.

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#4. Charred Potato, Grilled Peach & Lamb

bord bia potato recipes lamb charred potato and grilled peach

This sumptuous feast of potato, peach & lamb can be cooked in advance a left to go cold for a special occasion picnic or everything can be cooked on the BBQ for a treat tea. The parsley dressing adds an extra dimension and you could also add a few sprigs of mint to give you a summer taste of a traditional roast lamb!

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#5. Brazilian Potato & Veg Kebab

bord bia potato recipes brazzilian potato and vegetable kebab

Packed full of flavour these Brazilian potato & vegetable kebabs are delicious served straight from the BBQ with a chilli dipping sauce or cooked in advance and taken off the skewer, mixed with some salad leaves and a chilli salad dressing for a filling picnic dish.

#6. Blue Cheese Mini Burgers with Potato Buns

blue cheese mini burgers with potato buns potato recipes from bord bia

These mini burgers spiked with blue cheese, pack a taste punch and the potato buns are inspired! The buns could be used as an alternative to bread with a variety of different sandwich fillings and are the perfect size to pack up for a picnic. If blue cheese is not your thing, you could add a cube of cheddar or your favourite cheese as an alternative, before you cook them on the BBQ.

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#7. Spanish Tortilla with Potato & Paprika

spanish omelette or tortilla bord bia potato recipes

This Spanish omelette or tortilla is equally delicious eaten hot or cold. It slices really well and will hold its shape, making it ideal for a picnic. It goes well with BBQ food too or can be eaten with a simple side salad, sitting in the garden on a hot summer day.

Over to you now. Did you try any of these easy potato recipes out? Tell us how you got on in the comments below. 

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