Top Tips for Eating More Healthily During Lockdown

Jill Holtz

October 22, 2020

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Do you want to eat better not less? Are you finding family dinner prep and cooking more of a chore than a pleasure? Qualified Weight Loss Expert Karen Daly shares her top tips for eating more healthily during lockdown:

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As we find ourselves in another lockdown, it can be hard to stay motivated especially in the winter months. We are so busy looking after our kids, worrying about elderly parents and juggling working from home, that we sometimes forget to look after ourselves.

As a mum of two growing boys, running my own business, I completely understand. So here are some of my top tips to help parents.

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Tips For Eating More Healthily During Lockdown

I am contacted every day by Mums and Dads who struggle to manage their weight. Parents are also only too aware that they need to set a good example to their own kids and it can feel time consuming to cook up delicious and nutritious meals every day for the whole family.

When our kids are very small many of us take great pride in preparing the most nutritious sweet potato purees and apple and pear desserts and then as they get older, we tend to look at meal times as more of a chore.

What if you changed how you see it and view it as a continuation of the early years and an opportunity to teach and engage your children and to show them how to enjoy delicious food forever?

I always advise my clients to prepare 90% of their meals from scratch but let’s be fair to ourselves, there are days that this is just not possible.

If you are really tight on time, there are healthy low fat ready to cook meals like Morgan’s Seafood Kitchen that can provide you a quick and tasty meal after your walk or run or as a delicious lunch before picking up the kids from school. It’s all about knowing what to look out for when you shop and planning ahead.

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Karen’s Top Tips

#1. Change Your Mindset

If it has to be done, do it to the best of your ability.

#2. Get the Kids Involved

We have to eat so turn the time into family time, get the kids to help and share the cooking duties, believe me, kids love to cook and taste and learn.

#3. Look for New Recipe Inspo

Changing up what you cook makes it more exciting and interesting. Check out more delicious recipes on my Instagram @mydalymasterplan.

Tip: save out recipes you spot online into the Notes app on your phone for later.

#4. Add More Vegetables – FULL STOP!

Even add blitzed vegetables to any pasta sauces to increase the fibre and nutrition content for fussy eaters or use a little gravy or sauces, anything to get them to try more veggies. Roasting vegetables can give them a different flavour so if your child says they don’t like a vegetable try a different way of cooking them.

#5. Make a Food Plan

When you plan your meals, you will have the dinner on without having to think “what will I cook?” and you will also save money in the process by only buying what you need.

#6. Try to Increase Your and Your Family’s Fish Intake

Seafood is a great source of high protein, omega 3 oils and low in fat. After all, we are an Island nation with a diverse supply of fish and shellfish!

#7. Have Set Mealtimes

Try to keep to a routine with your meals. Kids love routine and you’ll find it easier to manage if you have the routine yourself.

#8. Limit Treats

Childhood obesity is a major problem and unfortunately treats are being supersized – larger treats often contain more calories than an adult could burn off so try to ignore supermarket or petrol station offers on larger packs and buy the smaller size – never associate larger treats as value for money.

#9. Look After Yourself Not Just Your Kids

Develop your own routine, especially working from home where sitting for long periods of time is not good for your mind or body. Schedule a morning walk or run into your calendar, invest in waterproof clothes and shoes for the winter so you have no excuses not to get out every day. Set a target every week to keep yourself on track.

#10. Cook from Scratch as Much As You Can

Avoid processed foods and keep cooking from scratch, you can control the ingredients and make sure what you are making is really tasty as well as being healthy.

About Karen

morgan's seafood kitchen karen daly

In 2008, Karen lost over four stone and her life changed forever! Karen returned to the University of Chester to complete her Masters in Weight Management. Her thesis focused on long term sustainable weight loss and this is one area that Karen is incredibly passionate about.

Karen’s approach to combining her passion for healthy eating and business has resulted in her appearing on RTE’s Dragons Den (securing investment) and Strictly Business programmes. In 2015, Karen launched The Academy Masterplan, an online course designed to educate, excite and empower you into healthy eating!

Karen is also delighted to be brand ambassador for Morgan’s Seafood Kitchen as it links with her focus on clean label ingredients and her advice to eat better not less.

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Have your say! What is your favourite or not so favourite thing about family dinner prep and cooking? Tell us in the comments below. 

Top Tips for Eating More Healthily During Lockdown

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