12 Healthy Lunch Ideas for Summer


Summer is here and we have an opportunity to enjoy more outdoor living and healthy eating. Check out our 12 Healthy Lunch Ideas for Summer which can be packed up for picnics, added to lunch boxes for Summer Camps or work, or just be enjoyed on a sunny afternoon at home.

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#1. Scrambled Eggs with Red Pepper Hash and Tomato Salad

Healthy Lunch Ideas scrambled eggs

Serve up these scrambled eggs for a filling healthy lunch treat and add an extra dimension with tasty bacon and red pepper hash, and a tomato and cumin salad on the side.Yum!

#2. Ham Tacos, Tomato Salsa, Fresh Guacamole and Salad

Healthy Lunch Idea ham tacos

Chunky homemade guacamole, tomato salsa, crisp salad, cooked ham all combined together in a crisp taco shell makes an ideal healthy lunch for work, school, camps, picnics or outdoors in the sunshine. Ready in just 15 minutes it is sure to be your go to lunch this summer.

#3. Spicy Beef Tortilla Wraps

Bord Bia Spicy Beef Tortilla Wraps

These tasty Spicy Beef Tortilla Wraps are quick and simple to make and are an ideal alternative to sandwiches. Packed full of goodness with a tomato, red onion and avocado salad, everyone will be asking for seconds!

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#4. Chicken Schnitzel with Courgette and Carrot Salad and Garlic Aoili

Healthy Lunch Ideas chicken schnitzel

Now this is a healthy lunch recipe that will wow both kids and adults. Using lean chicken baked in breadcrumbs with a simple courgette and carrot salad topped off with low fat garlic aioli, is sure to get the taste buds going. Alternatively pack the cooled checking pieces into a lunch box with the salad and pack the garlic aoili separately to be added when eaten.

#5. Spanish Pork Pies

Healthy Lunch Ideas spanish pork pies

Packed with the flavours of Spain, this recipe for Spanish Pork Pies makes 12 mini pies for a healthy on to go lunch or serve them warm at the table with a simple dressed green salad and fresh tomatoes with olive oil, salt and black pepper.

#6. Greek Style Lamb Kebabs

Healthy Lunch Ideas greek style lamb kebabs

These Greek style Lamb Kebabs pack a real flavour punch. Created with peppers, red onions and served with a fresh mint and yoghurt dressing they are ideal for a healthy lunch at home or could be added to a tortilla wrap for an on the go lunch. I like to add crunchy cucumber and tomatoes to my wrap for added bite.

#7. Grilled Mackerel with Tomato Salad

healthy lunch ideas mackerel with tomato salad

My girls love to go fishing with their Grandad during the summer months. Most often they bring home fresh mackerel and you really can’t beat the taste of them, simply grilled for 6 minutes and served with a fresh tomato salad and bread to mop up all those juices! For any fussy eaters, simply fillet the fish before cooking. And if you have any leftovers, flake the fillets and add them to the tomatoes with some salad leaves to make a tasty lunch box salad.

#8. Spinach and Ham Omelette

healthy lunch ideas green omelette with spinach salad

Ready in 15 minutes this green omelette is great for a healthy lunch served with a salad or let it cool down and pack it up for a lunchbox treat. I like to add chopped yellow and red peppers, cherry tomatoes and chopped cucumber to my salad for extra colour and flavour.

#9. Bacon, Spinach and Cheese Tart

Healthy Lunch Ideas bord bia bacon, spinach and cheese tart

This Bacon, Spinach and Cheese Tart is equally delicious hot or cold. Served with a dressed green salad, it is makes an ideal healthy, but filling lunch for summer days.

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#10. Buckwheat Crepes with Smoked Salmon and Avocado

Healthy Lunch Ideas buckwheat crepes

Made using almond milk and buckwheat flour these flavourful buckwheat crepes make a healthy lunch when filled with smoked salmon and avocado. I have also added goats cheese and beetroot with green salad or you could add strawberries and icing sugar for a healthy treat.

#11. Croque Monsieur with Carrot and Beetroot Salad

healthy lunch ideas crock monsieur

This sophisticated toasted ham and cheese sandwich is both tasty and filling. Combine it with a fresh carrot and beetroot salad as a tasty summer lunch for all the family to enjoy.

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#12. Italian Style Fritatta with Bacon, Spinach and Goats Cheese

healthy lunch italian style fritatta from bord bia

Last but not least I love this Italian style fritatta served with a simple dressed salad and some boiled new potatoes. Great hot or cold, you can replace the bacon with parma ham and add yellow pepper too for extra colour.

Over to you have you any healthy lunch ideas that you can share with us? 

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