10 Quick Halloween Hacks


Halloween Hacks: Spooky Snacks

This takes finger food to a whole new level! ChicaNOL’s idea is genius – use carrot sticks and almonds to create a fun and spooky (but also healthy!) snack idea.


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Halloween Hacks: Dress to Impress

Glue plastic bugs to some sheer or neutral coloured tights for an effective Halloween accessory.

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Halloween Hacks: Frightful Party Food

Cut jelly beans in half lengthwise and then press each half into the end of a whole peanut  shell to make cute fright fingers.

peanut fingers
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Halloween Hacks: Macabre Mayhem

Fill a plastic glove with water and freeze it for decorating your Halloween punch bowl – ghoulish!

Tip: Adding a bit of tonic water to your Halloween punch will give your drinks a ghoulish glow under a black light.

halloween hacks
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Halloween Hacks: Removing Face Paint

One tip is to put some baby lotion on a tissue and use it to gently wipe off the paint. Use a circular motion instead of rubbing in a straight line. Baby lotion smells nice too.
Or use baby oil or baby wipes. more tips here on Wonderhowto.com

halloween hacks

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Do you have any other quick halloween hacks? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!


Halloween hacks