10 Reasons Having Kids At Weddings Is Fun

Jennifer Buttner


March 9, 2016

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Kids are bundles of fun, energy, cuteness and giggles. They are complete and utter live wires, and can be relied upon to do the most inappropriate thing at the most inappropriate time! Whatever way you feel about inviting kids to weddings, having them as part of the special day will make for good memories for everyone. Here are 10 Reasons Having Kids at Weddings is Fun. Laughter guaranteed all round!

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#1. Kids Awe-Inspiring Energy

Kids are like duracell bunnies – full of exuberance and energy, often when you least expect it. When Tanya married Mark, we don’t think she anticipated this much energy from her nephew :)

#2. Cuteness Factor

There’s nothing cuter than flower girls and page boys really. Having kids involved in the ceremony will have everyone saying “aww”.


#3. With Kids There Will Be Fun

Guaranteed. And especially if they are part of the ceremony!

#4. Dance Floor Kings & Queens

No one else will dance for as much or as long. They will be first on the dance floor, and most likely last to leave!

#5. Guests Can Bring Their Kids

Weddings can be an expensive time for parents – new outfits, presents and baby sitters, if the kids are not invited. Being able to bring kids to weddings is a relief for most parents. And you can give the kids jobs too – older kids can help look after younger kids, they can man the photo booth, pass around the guest book etc.

Kids table

Image via Style Me Pretty

#6. The Best Photos

From downright cute, to hilariously funny, the spontaneity of kids makes for the best wedding photos.

ring bearerImage via Lisa Robinson Photography
Leah Bullard photographer flower girl kissImage via Leah Bullard Photographer

#7. Honesty

Kids really don’t hold back when they want to say something – “out of the mouth of babes” and all that!

And this little lad really doesn’t hold back his opinion about the bride and groom’s first kiss.

Or these kids

kids disgusted at wedding kissImage via The Meta Picture

#8. Unpredictability

With kids you really can’t plan, and at weddings that invariably leads to the fun and giggles!

#9. It Brings Generations Together

Weddings bring families together. When else will you see Great Aunt Mabel bounce baby on her lap, or Uncle Albert dance some moves with the kids?

generations flower girl wedding

#10. They Know Exactly What’s Expected Of Them!

Some kids involved in the ceremony may just drop the rings, or dive bomb on the wedding dress, while others take their job role very seriously indeed.

Young JoJo goes to great lengths here to make sure her Dad does not embarrass her on the day!

Over to you! Share your reasons in the comments below.

10 Reasons Having Kids At Weddings Is Fun



Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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