Kids At Weddings – To Invite Or Not – That Is The Question


Kids At Weddings – To Invite Or Not That Is The Question? Afraid it might be a recipe for disaster, or do you adore the little darlings, and must have them there?! Deciding whether or not to invite kids to your wedding can be tricky – it’s impossible to please everyone after all!

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The age old argument (or is it a recent phenomenon) – should you invite kids to your wedding or not?

Usually there are two definite camps for debates like this – “Not on your Nelly!” or “Yes, I adore the little darlings”.

This seems to be a battleground on which you must tread carefully – you have been warned!

Do you invite pageboys & flower girls? Are they nieces & nephews? If they are friends children, do you invite other friend’s kids to make it fair? What if you are getting married overseas? What do you say when people ask if they can bring their kids? So much to think about, but there has to be a middle ground…….or does there?

It’s difficult to please everyone, so the best thing to do is to decide yourselves, as a couple, and stick to it!

Yes, I Adore Kids!

page boyI personally love kids and think that they do add something special to a wedding day, whether it’s the iconic cutie black and white stills, or the hilarious (I may be on my own with this one) mad altar dashes during the ceremony.

I do think that the sound of people laughing spontaneously is one of the best sounds in the world, and usually where there are kids, you will hear that sound!

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Not On Your Nelly!


Helpful tips you should know if inviting kids to weddingI am also a firm believer in having appropriate expectations!

You cannot expect that a child of any age will sit still during an hour long ceremony, or that any child will not take the opportunity to run around a drinks reception like a lunatic given half the chance when their parents are distracted, after all it’s party time!

And let’s be realistic about the wedding speeches – most adults would rather be somewhere else, never mind your average 6 year old!

The one thing we all know is if the kids aren’t happy, no one is happy!!

As a couple, you should decide, and never mind the begrudgers!

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Kids At Weddings - To Invite Or Not -

Over to you! Did you, are you planning to, invite kids to your wedding, and what was your experience?

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