10 Reasons Why Playing Music For Babies is So Good


February 27, 2016

music and baby

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Music plays a central role in our lives. It brings us joy and comfort and it would be hard to imagine life without it. Babies are born into the world highly attuned to music. They understand and respond to music from birth. Making music part of your baby’s life is to give an amazing life long gift. Here are 10 reasons why playing music for babies is so good from Fiona at Earlybirdmusic.ie.

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#1. Connecting with your Baby

Playing music for your baby will help to strengthen the relationship between you and them. Music brings joy and comfort to your baby. Sharing the experience of listening to music is very nurturing, and these experiences foster strong bonds between parent and baby.

#2. Release of Feel Good Endorphins

Listening to music that you both enjoy at any time of day is a wonderful way to spend time with your child. Music has the power to activate the release of feel good endorphins in the brain, allowing you to have fun with your baby and encourage positive emotions.

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#3. Highly Effective to Calm and Soothe

Use music as a calming tool in times of stress. Listening to calming music is an excellent way to soothe your baby. Music will gently alleviate upset and stress for both baby and parent.

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Playing Music to Babies

#4. Development of Self Expression

When music plays an active part in baby’s life, it will nurture self expression and creativity in all areas of life (education, play ,work) It will also stimulate interest in active music making such as singing, playing musical instruments and dance. This in turn has many more benefits for children.

#5. Development of Listening Skills

Babies are born with highly developed hearing and are sensitive to sound. They are listening from the moment they are born. All sound will affect them ( loud noise, street noise, voices etc). Music will fill their world with positive beneficial sounds that comfort and stimulate healthy development of listening skills.

#6. Healthy Brain Development

The early years of a child’s life (0-3) are considered to be the most important in terms of brain development. Research has shown us that listening to music is highly beneficial for the brain at this stage of a child’s life. Playing music for your baby will encourage and support development in communication skills and academic achievements.

Playing Music to Babies Calms and Soothes

#7. Regulates and Calms Nervous System

Playing music will calm your baby and will also regulate the nervous system, and a regulated nervous system means a relaxed and happy baby. This has a very positive effect on a baby’s growth and development and allows for a peaceful and calm environment to be enjoyed by parents too!

#8. Healthy Sleep Patterns

Music should play a part in any healthy sleep time routine. Listening to gentle soothing calming music is the perfect way to help your baby relax and wind down after an active day. Music is an essential part of creating a calm peaceful environment for sleep. Make it part of your sleep routine and reap the benefits for your baby and yourself.

#9. Encourages Confidence and Healthy Self Esteem

To make music part of your child’s life is to provide building blocks on which confidence and self esteem are built. Listening to music and playing music encourages feelings of positivity, and releases tension and stress. And a happy stress free environment is the perfect setting to nurture confidence.

Playing Music to Babies happy child

#10. Contributes to Well Being

If music is part of your baby’s life, it will undoubtedly have many positive effects on your baby. One of the most significant findings in early childhood research is the fact that it will contribute to life long positivity ,health and well-being. Making music part of your baby’s life creates a love for music that will have a positive effect for life. Children who have music in their lives will continue to use it for comfort, joy and the enhancement of happy experiences.

The Kinds of Music You Should Play

It is important to consider the type of music to be played for baby.

Research shows that music that is both soothing and complex is best. Classical music, jazz and modern music are all beneficial, and singing (the most expressive of instruments) is wonderful too as babies are very naturally attuned to singing voices.

All music will have some benefit but it is very important to keep volume levels moderate as baby’s hearing is very sensitive.

Have you seen the benefits of playing music for babies? Please let us know in the comments box below. 

music for babies

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