10 Super Cool Stocking Stuffers for Teens this Christmas

Jill Holtz

October 25, 2016

stocking stuffers for teens

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Finding the perfect present for your teen can be a tricky task, never mind the fact that you are rushing about trying to fulfil wish lists and making frantic shopping trips. We have picked out 10 Super Cool Stocking Stuffers for Teens this Christmas that should hopefully satisfy your super cool teen:

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#1. Evernote Smart Notebook

evernote smart notebook

Used with the hugely popular smartphone Evernote app, the uber-cool Evernote Smart notebook translates the written word to your phone like magic. Evernote users can use the app’s Page Camera to snap pictures of handwritten notes and store them digitally on their phone. It’s a perfect gift for students (and adults alike).

#2. Hand Warmers

zippo hand warmer

We’ve come a long way since the old days of stuffing pockets with warm potatoes. Now, we have hand warmers to keep us toasty and they can be reused too. Small pocket-sized warmers will come in handy (excuse the pun!) for waiting for lifts or the school bus, family ski trips and cold winter days.

#3. Purse Hook

purse hook

A purse hook could prove to be the best gift your girls never knew they needed! It allows them to discreetly hang their purse from any table, chair or other surface so it never has to touch the floor.

This cute butterfly hook is available on Amazon.com.

#4. Solar Charger

solar charger

Because the ability to communicate with family members at any time is priceless, make sure your teen has their own solar charger. They work on the go and require no electrical sockets, so they’re ideal for the times they are away from the house and running dangerously low on battery. Now all you have to do is get them to answer their phone!

#5. Socks

rihanna socks

Yes we know it’s the classic gag gift at Christmas, but socks are a go-to for an easy stocking stuffer. Make this year a little more fun with Stance socks, which offers a range of styles in men’s and women’s sizes. Choose from Star Wars, Caddyshack or how about their exclusive Rihanna collection bound to go down well with pop fans. Actually I wouldn’t mind a pair of her socks for myself!

#6. Mini Speaker

x mini speaker

For the music lover, a mini USB speaker is small enough for the stocking and super portable for trips. Think about those huge boom boxes that teens used to carry around!

#7. Kwizniac


A trivia game with a twist, Kwizniac is something your teen can enjoy with friends or the family. Players try to get as many points as possible by answering trivia questions with as few clues as they can. It’s easy to learn and — cheesy, we know — is a fun way to learn.

#8. Mug Warmer

mug warmer

A must for the winter mornings, a mug warmer will keep the contents of your cup hot until the last drop. Perfect for coffee, tea or hot chocolate, whatever your teen’s fave drink is. This funky yellow desktop USB warmer (available via Amazon) doesn’t even need batteries!

#9. Hydro Flask

hydro flask

Take your thermos to the next level with a Hydro Flask. These stainless steel bottles keep hot and cold beverages at their ideal temperature for hours, and can be used for coffee on the way to work or a water bottle at sport practice.

#10. Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate

compartes chocolate

When in doubt, stick to the classics. Chocolate and candy go hand-in-hand with stocking stuffing, and you can’t go wrong with these Compartes chocolate bars that come in flavors ranging from the more traditional salted caramel and cookies and cream to the creative waffle cone and donuts & coffee.

Over to you now. Any suggestions for teen stocking stuffers? Share them with us in the comments below!

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