25 Stocking Filler Ideas for Teenage Girls

Jill Holtz

December 15, 2019

Stocking Filler Ideas for Teenage Girls

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Are you struggling to find the perfect stocking fillers for your teenage daughter? They are a tricky age group to buy for, so we’ve put together 25 stocking filler ideas for teenager girls that they will love on Christmas morning.

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Whether your daughter has just entered the teenage world or is a young adult at 19, our list has gifts to suit every age. Inspired by Tiktok trends, the best self-care routines and some classic stocking stuffers, there are plenty of gift ideas to inspire you.

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25 Stocking Filler Ideas for Teenage Girls

#1. Fluffy Headbands

Taking Tiktok by storm these fluffy headbands are an ideal stocking stuffer for teens who love makeup or just want to keep their hair off their face. Soft and durable you can find them on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.

#2. Face Masks

Pull out the pamper sessions this Christmas by filling their stocking with face masks. If your teen is new to skincare or a seasoned pro, face masks will always be appreciated, particularly in times of bad skin breakouts!

#3. Nail polish

A stocking wouldn’t be complete without this Christmas classic. Nail polish is always a huge success with teens and allows their creative edge to shine, from Christmas designs to sparkly glitters and golds, it makes for a great bonding session over the festive season (Dad better get his toenails ready!).

#4. A KeepCup

KeepCups Stocking FillerEnvironmentally friendly and practical, KeepCups are an excellent stocking filler. Your teen is probably aware of climate change and the benefit of having a reusable cup. KeepCups are stylish and come in a range of sizes. Plus, most coffee shops will give you a discount on your order if you have one.

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#5. An Alarm Clock

Sleep is precious for our teens and using their smartphone as an alarm clock can be very disruptive to their sleep. Notifications, blue light and the temptation to check social media all contribute a poor night’s sleep. Swap out the phone for a good old fashioned alarm clock to break the habit and help your teen to get better quality rest.

#6. A Notebook and Pen

All stocking filler ideas for teenage girls need to have a notebook and pen. Invaluable in developing their writing and creative skills, a notebook also gives them an outlet to express their feelings and emotions. It has always been a cherished stocking gift in my household.

#7. A Phone Stand

Watching videos has become a staple in family life, particularly for your teen. From YouTube to Tiktok their necks are always bent down looking at their phone. A phone stand allows them to watch their favourite videos without the neck strain.

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#8. Makeup Brushes

Next on the list of stocking filler ideas for teenage girls is makeup brushes. If you’re looking for something small as one last stocking stuffer, they’re perfect. Inexpensive and useful, every teenager who enjoys makeup will be very grateful for the gift.

#9. Perfume

Perfume is an easy, yet thoughtful filler that your teen will love. If they’re new to perfume, why not explore some scents with them before buying one.

#10. A Rubber Duck

TikTok Rubber Duck

Image: Amazon

If your teen is driving, a rubber duck for their car is a fun and witty festive filler. The viral trend sees a rubber duck stuck to the dashboard with a gold chain and a propeller hat. Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk have the full outfit for the duck.

#11. Bath Bombs

If you’re lucky enough to have a bath in the house, bath bombs are a beautiful stocking filler. They encourage your teen to take some time out from the stresses of school and social media to soak in the bath and relax. If they have gentle skin, look for bath bombs with natural ingredients such as seaweed and avocado.

#12. A New Makeup Bag

Is their makeup bag in need of retirement? Give them a new one this Christmas! If their current makeup bag just needs a wash, a new one makes a good replacement so they can alternate throughout the year.

#13. Lip Scrub and Chapstick

If your teen suffers from dry lips, a lip scrub is a fantastic stocking filler. Softly soothing cracked and sore lips, the lip scrub will remove any dead skin. Follow up with chapstick to keep moisture locked in during the winter weather.

#14. Scented Candle

Older teens will love pulling out a scented candle from their stocking. Perfect in coordination with the bath bomb, they can relax and enjoy their favourite scent in the bath or in their bedroom.

#15. Globbles

Globbles for teen Christmas Stocking

Image: Etsy

Don’t be deceived, Globbles might look like a toy you would give your toddler but they also work for teens. Any parent with a teenager going through exams knows how important stress relievers are. Give them Globbles to throw at their bedroom ceiling or squish in their hand to release tension. The small balls of stretchy and gloopy material won’t stain or leave marks on walls or ceilings.

#16. Scrunchies

The obsession with scrunchies will never fade, it’s a perfect extra to go in the stocking, regardless of the age of your teen. It’s also a fantastic way to support local and independent businesses with a whole range available on websites like Etsy.

#17. Hair Scalp Massager

A hair scalp massager is used when your teen is shampooing their hair. It aims to stimulate blood flow to the scalp, boosting the health of the scalp and hair. Find them at Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com.

#18. Hair Masks

Give the gift of glossy hair this Christmas, especially if your teen loves to experiment with different hair dye. Hair masks aim to restore moisture back into the hair, repairing heat and dye damage.

#19. Gym Bands

Does your teen love the gym or strength conditioning? Gym bands might be the perfect festive filler for them. They come in a range of sizes, prices and colours.

#20. A Reusable Water Bottle

Is your teen trying to drink more water? Encourage them by gifting them a reusable water bottle. A number of brands have time stamps on the side of the bottle, to keep them on track with their daily water intake.

#21. LED or fairy lights for their room

Fairy Lights Teen Bedroom

Image: Pinterest

Make their bedroom glow this holiday season by adding LED or fairy lights to their stocking. All the rage on social media from Pinterest to Tiktok, there’s a wide selection varying in length, colours and designs.

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#22. A Rubix Cube

If your teen is into brain teasers and problem-solving, Rubix’s cubes are small, affordable and will keep them occupied over the holidays.

#23. A Phone Case

Is their phone case in need of an update? Or have you decided that this is the year you’re giving your teen a phone for the first time? A new phone case is a lovely addition to any stocking.

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#24. Fluffy Socks

You really can’t beat a pair of fluffy socks, no matter how old you are. As the winter weather descends, they’ll be delighted with a new pair to wear around the house.

#25. Vouchers

Experiences make wonderful presents and they fit so neatly into a stocking. Vouchers for their favourite activities, hobbies or shops will go down a treat! You could also look at vouchers for experiences you can do together, so you already have good quality bonding time booked for the new year.

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Have your say! Do you have any other stocking fillers ideas for teenage girls? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

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Like this? Share it with your network!

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