12 Last Minute Christmas Planning Tips for Parents


This is one Christmas list not to miss! Here’s 12 last minute Christmas planning tips for parents, to save you extra stress in the run up to the Big Day!

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Homemade christmas gift ideas for kids#1. Take a photo of the Santa letters so you will have all the details.

#2. Stock up on tin foil – you’ll be amazed how much you will use over the holidays!

#3. Make sure you have scissors, wrapping paper, and sellotape, and put away where no one else can “borrow”

#4. Stock up on batteries(AA, and AAA particularly).

#5. Remember to charge new electronics e.g. phones, tablets, ipods.

#6. Make sure the toys work before Christmas day!

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#7. Have a stash of lollipops to keep kids quiet during car rides to granny’s house.

#8. Put in reminders on your mobile phone or use a notes app on your phone to keep a checklist.

#9. Do as much shopping online as you can to save time spent stuck in traffic or queuing at checkouts.

rolling pin#10. Keep some ready-made shortcrust pastry in the fridge so you can rustle up some easy canapes or nibbles if unexpected guests stop by.

#11. Have a few selection boxes stashed for unexpected younger guests calling.

#12. And finally……don’t forget the wine, turkey, ham, milk and bread!

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Do you have any tips for last minute Christmas planning ? Please let us know in comments below.

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