14 Fantastic Ideas to Keep the Kids Cool in a Heatwave

Jill Holtz

July 3, 2021

Keeping kids cool in a heatwave

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Keeping your child cool during hot spells and heatwaves can be tricky, especially if there are water restrictions and you can’t just let them loose in the paddling pool or under the hose or sprinkler. So we’ve had a look around for some ideas to keep the kids cool – and these are amazing!

Whether you have a garden, a balcony or need some indoor ideas, these ideas to keep the kids cool when it gets too warm will definitely come in useful.

Great Ideas to Keep the Kids Cool

Make Frozen Homemade Ice Pops

Making some home made frozen ice pops and keeping a steady supply of them going is my top tip for keeping the kids cool.

For an alternative to fruit juice, cut up fresh fruit and freeze in coconut water. And if you don’t have an ice pop mould, then easy alternatives are to freeze the yoghurt tubes or stick a popsicle stick in a yoghurt and freeze.

Ice Painting

ice painting for keeping kids cool in a heatwave

Get your child to help make ice paints, they will then enjoy making some cold art after the paints are ready.

This ice painting project from Easy Peasy and Fun uses different colours of food colouring to make coloured ice cubes that the kids can then “paint” with. Great for toddlers who might take a cheeky ‘taste test’ of their paints.

Keep the Suncream in the Fridge

Pop your sunscreen tubes/containers into the fridge. It’ll help cool the kids down when you go to apply it!

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Frozen Fruit

This makes another cool (and healthy) snack idea and it couldn’t be more simple. Just freeze any fruit that your child enjoys, for example:

  • watermelon slices
  • bananas – you could slice them lengthways for a long banana-pop
  • grapes (only for older kids)
  • berries
  • apple slices
  • Mango slices
  • pineapple chunks

Make a Paper Fan

Make fun homemade fans with some paper, glue and a stick. These Flower and Watermelon fans are cute!

Frozen Water Bottles

Insulated water bottles are a great investment as they keep water cold for the whole day, but they can be expensive if you need several for the family.

A great alternative that we always do when it’s hot, or we are staying in a hot country for our holidays, is to freeze bottles of water overnight to take out and use during the day – the ice will melt and keep the water lovely and cold as you go.

Tip: Remember, don’t fill the bottle completely full as the water expands as it freezes.

Sponge Water Bombs

Love this idea for sponge water bombs from Positively Splendid. She made sponge bombs from different coloured sponges.

And when you have made the sponge bombs, the kids can soak, squish, throw and play with them.


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Chilled Fruity Water

It’s important to keep the kids well hydrated but after a while normal water gets boring and you don’t want to give them too many soda pops or too much high juice with sugar. So why not try making fruit infused water to keep sugar intake down? These lovely recipes from Momadvice.com should inspire you.

Water Balloons

Make up some water balloons and let the kids loose in the garden!

You can use regular party balloons in place of water balloons, but they may not pop as readily as dedicated water-fight balloons. Water balloons tend to be smaller than air and helium balloons, and they are usually made from a thinner material.

…or how about making some colourful frozen water balloons?

Chill Pulse Points

Cooling certain pulse points on your body e.g. wrists, back of neck, hands, feet, face and ears, cooling any of these can help bring your overall body temperature down. Either use cold water on a flannel, an ice pack, or ice cubes in a paper towel, and chill the pulse points.

Use Ice with Fans

If you place a large bowl of ice or some frozen water bottles in front of the fan that will cool the air that the fan circulates around the room.

Ice Bricks

keep cool in a heatwave

What a fun idea from Play at Home Mom for making ice bricks. She used different containers to make different sized and differently coloured ice bricks which her son had fun playing with.

Freeze Toys

ways to keep kids cool in a heatwave

Fill a bucket or bowl with water and some toys or household items (e.g. figurines, LEGO blocks, etc), freeze it, and let your kids have fun melting it.

Here’s a fun idea from Pinterest making a dinosaur ice cube.

Cooling Spray

Use a cooled spray bottle to spritz their faces or necks to help them cool down. Add ice to your spray bottle if you’re heading off somewhere, to help keep the water cool.

14 Fantastic Ideas to Keep the Kids Cool in a Heatwave - Mykidstime

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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