15 Quirky Birthday Gift Ideas for Tweens that Aren’t Money


November 3, 2016

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#8. GelaSkins Covers

birthday gift ideas for tweens

Most tweens these days own or have access to technology from phones and tablets to laptops. GelaSkins offer an easy, eye catching way to customise those devices and offer protection covers for your tech that look great at surprisingly affordable prices.

You can even customise your own version by uploading an image you love.

#9. Balance Scooter or Hoverboard

birthday gift ideas for tweens hoverboards

Balance scooters and hoverboards have become hugely popular with tweens. There are so many about that the choice can be overwhelming. We have a few guidelines to help you choose the perfect option for your tween. and the safety aspects to look for too when purchasing a balance scooter or hoverboard.

#10. A Bicycle

Birthday Gift Ideas for Tweens

As your child enters their tween years, you will often see a big growth spurt and now is the ideal time to get them a more grown up bicycle. It is probably best to take them with you to purchase it as they will need to see what frame size will work for them now and will grow with them too.

And of course if you get them a bicycle, friends and relatives can buy them the accessories as a gift.

#11. Klutz Thumb Doodle Books

birthday gift ideas for kids

For any creative tweens out there the Klutz Thumb Doodle books range are a great birthday gift option. There are a few to choose from including

#12. Sports Gear

Birthday Gift Ideas for tweens

Most tweens these days take part in sports or support a team. They will love to receive the latest team jersey or get updated sports gear for the sport they are interested in.

Companies like MandM Direct and Sports Direct offer great value for money on sports clothing and accessories.

#13. Meccano

birthday gift ideas for tweens Meccano Mercanoid

From junior sets to tech sets and even robots, Meccano has come a long way since my youth. It is the perfect birthday gift for tweens who are interested in how things work and will give them hours of fun.

In addition, meccano sets can be collected making it perfect for Christmas and other special occasions or for when friends or relatives ask what your tween wants as a gift.

#14. Tent

Birthday Gift ideas for tweens

How about getting them a tent that they can use in the garden and on camping trips in the future? Tents make a great den for hours of fun in the garden or for those first sleepovers. And will last for years if you invest in a good one.

#15. Games for a Console

Birthday Gift Ideas for Tweens

Most houses these days have a games console. Getting your tween the latest version of their favourite games for their birthday will make you a big hit.

Do you have any quirky birthday gift ideas for tweens? Please share them with us in the comments box below. 


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