20 Funky Stocking Filler Ideas for Tweens


Are you stuck for stocking filler inspiration for your tween? Thinking of little bits to fill a Christmas stocking can sometimes be difficult, so I enlisted some help from my own tween. Here are 20 Funky Stocking Filler Ideas for Tweens that they really, really want!

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#1. Colouring Books for all ages have made a welcome comeback this Christmas. There are plenty on offer in bookstores and online – my tween recommends the Harry Potter, and The Clever Kids’ Colouring books from The Book Depository.

#2. Stocking Filler Ideas Stationery and Pens / Markers – Fineline markers, Gel Pens or Scentos are high on the list too.  Available online and in-store from school suppliers and local stationery shops.

#3. Vouchers for their favourite shop or online retailer or phone credit, or iTunes voucher (which you can never have enough off apparently!)

#4. A joke toy, like a whoopee cushion or plastic spider.

#5. A deck of cards with instructions for games and/or magic tricks.

Recommended: 15 Fun Cards Games for Kids, 8 Easy Card Tricks & 10 Easy Magic Tricks.

Stocking Filler Ideas#6. A puzzle toy like a mini Rubix Cube, Juggling balls, Sudoku cube or travel version of games like Connect 4, Solataire, or Battleship.

#7. Mini Figure from their favourite game or tv series.

#8. Retro Sweets like popping candy or fizzy sticks.

#9. Novelty key-ring to hang on schoolbag or coat.

#10. Bath or Shower goodies (Shower Gel, Bath Bombs).

#11. Earphones for on the go. I am not sure how they get through so many pairs a year!

#12. A book by their favourite author.

#13. A money box.

#14. A mini jigsaw puzzle.

#15. Tickets for an experience like ice-skating, cinema, bowling or for their favourite café, (so they can go with a friend and you can sit at another table or leave them entirely)!

#16. Novelty Socks or slipper socks for around the house.

#17. Stocking Filler IdeasA notebook or journal for doodles and thoughts.

#18. A late bedtime or chore pass or a promises cheque book for things like a trip to the cinema, trip to café, lift to school, afternoon shopping, ice-skating trip, bowling trip etc.

#19. Hot chocolate and marshmallows to make at home. My tween loves the Butlers Hot Chocolate.

#20. Christmas Ornament or Decoration.

More Ideas

Here are a few of our favourite online retailers which have some great value stocking filler ideas:

Baker Ross UK, Melissa & DougThe Happy Puzzle Company, Hawkin’s Bazaar, Notonthehighstreet, Baker Ross Ireland, I Want One of Those, BBC Shop, Buy A Gift, Gifted Living, Amazon UK, Amazon USAZavvi UK & Zavvi USA.

And there are lots more Stocking Filler Ideas here:

Over to you! Do you have any other funky stocking filler ideas for Tweens? Please let us know in the comments box below.

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