20 Homemade Christmas Decorations for Kids to Make & Treasure


November 26, 2020

Homemade Christmas decorations for kids to make

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Making homemade Christmas decorations is a fun way to get yourselves and the kids into the festive spirit.

They may not always turn out perfect (which is part of their charm), but the kids will be so proud that their creations are displayed for all to see!

So, glitter, glue & cotton wool at the ready, here are 20 Homemade Christmas Decorations for Kids to Make & Treasure.

#1. Make Your Own Christmas Nativity Crib

Homemade Christmas Ornaments Christmas Crafts for Kids
My Father in Law brought us a set of beautiful nativity figures back from a trip to Rome a few years ago. As we did not have a Christmas crib to house them, we made our own.

We still have it and bring it out every year…the only issue we have is remembering who put the baby Jesus in last time on Christmas Day! And the fact that it is more like a Nativity Cave than a Stable! But that’s part of the fun of homemade decorations.

How to Make Crib:

  • Cover a large cardboard box with black card, leaving the top open.
  • Turn box on it’s side and stick rolled-up balls of newspaper to the roof, to add texture.
  • Cover all this with black crepe paper to make it look more cave / stable like.
  • Glue on glitter stars and cotton wool and spray it with fake snow.
  • You could make one large star to hang on the ‘back wall’ inside the crib.
  • The add some some packing straw inside and put your figures in.

#2. Borax Crystal SnowflakesHomemade Christmas Ornaments Borax Snowflakes from Bridycakes

Why not combine simple science with crafting so your children can learn as they have fun? These pretty shimmering Borax Crystal Christmas Snowflakes are from Birdycake and can  are created using pipe cleaners and Borax powder.

Your children can make them using different coloured pipe cleaners and hang them on the tree or throughout the house.

Image via Birdycake

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#3. Ribbon / Paper Christmas Tree Ornament

Homemade Christmas Ornaments for Kids to make

My daughter made this stunning Christmas Tree Decoration at an art and craft class she attends, when she was 8 yrs old. Younger kids may need a little help to get started.

As I don’t have the exact method, I found this alternative one on Crafty Morning. The only difference I can see is that my daughter used paper and they use ribbons, so I guess whatever you have most of will work!

#4. Salt Dough Decorations

Homemade Christmas Ornaments Christmas Decorations for Kids to Make

Salt Dough is easy to make by following our simple recipe.

Once made it can be turned in any shape you wish and decorated with paint and accessories to create beautiful Christmas Decorations to hang on the Christmas Tree or around the house.

As the mixture is baked the ornaments can be put away after the festive season to be used again the following year.

More Festive Fun: Christmas Section

#5. A Christmas Wreath

Homemade Christmas Ornaments Christmas Wreath

Nothing says Christmas quite like a Christmas Wreath hanging on the door and giving visitors an idea of the beautiful decorations inside your home.

Making your own Christmas Wreath can be really great fun.

Watch our video on how to make a Stunning Christmas Wreath for your front door.

#6. Paper Snowflakes

3D Snowflake

My daughter and her friends spent an afternoon creating these wonderful Paper Christmas Snowflakes to hang around the house at Christmas.

For something a little simpler you could try these Paper Snowflakes.

#7. Scrabble Tile Decorations

Homemade Christmas Ornaments Scrabble Tiles Decoratons from Crafts by Amanda

Get the instructions on how to create these Scrabble Tile Ornaments over on craftsbyamanda.

They are simple to make and your children can make up different phrases to add to your Christmas Decoration pile.

Image via Craftsbyamanda

#8. Pine Cone Elves

Homemade Christmas Ornaments pinecone_elves

We are loving these pine cone elves from Lia Griffith which could be made using the smaller pine cones you may have gathered.

Just add some wooden beads for heads, pipe cleaners for arms and legs, and some pieces of felt to dress your elves.

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#9. Rudolph Hanging Decoration

Homemade Christmas Ornaments Rudolph Reindeer

This pretty Rudolph Hanging Decoration is made by tracing around your child’s own footprint and handprints. We’ve made them a few years in a row, in our house, and it’s lovely to see the decorations getting bigger over the years!

It is simple enough even for the youngest child to master and decorate.

#10. Glitter Twine Baubles

Homemade Christmas Ornaments Glitter Twine Bauble from Thinkingcloset

Using just a balloon, clingfilm, some twine and Mod Podge or similar decoupage glue/sealer you can create a beautiful Glitter Twine Bauble like this one I found on thinkingcloset.

These are so pretty hung on the Christmas Tree as the lights can shine through them and picks up the glitter. You could also try to make them with different coloured string or wool too.

Image via Thinkingcloset

#11. Pompom Snowman

Homemade Christmas Ornaments Snowman Pompom Ornament from handmadegiftsmadeeasy

These snowman pompom ornaments from homemade-gifts-made-easy will take a little while to create as you need to first make the white woollen pompoms.

But we think they are well worth the effort, and your kids will enjoy displaying these little guys year after year.

Image via homemade-gifts-made-easy

#12. Paper Glitter Stars

Homemade Christmas Ornaments Christmas Stars from Blog A La Cart

These super glittery stars have been created using the cardboard inner tube from paper towels & toilet rolls.

Find out how you can make them here.

#13. Angels with Special Wings

Homemade Christmas Ornaments for Kids angel

The special wings on these Angels are made using a trace of your child’s hands. This is a lovely craft to do annually with your kids, so you can see by how much they have grown each year.

Once created they can have fun decorating them with glitter, paint, paper doillies, cotton wool or old scraps of material, you will find that the older the get the more sophisticated the designs get!

#14. Hanging Popsicle Stick Santa

Homemade Christmas Ornaments santa Perfect to dress up your Christmas tree. This cute lolly-pop stick Santa ornament is simple made from only a few items (8 miniature lollypop sticks, red, while and flesh coloured paint, cardboard, and some string), but the result is absolutely amazing.

#15. Rudolph Reindeer Tree Decorations

Homemade Christmas Ornaments rudolph-tree-decorationsThese cute Rudolph Reindeer Tree Decorations are really easy to make and children of all ages will enjoy this project.

You could get different Christmassy ribbon for each child so they can tell them apart!

They do involve corks so you may have to consume some wine before starting this project…all in the name of research of course! Or you can buy them from a craft shop if you wish.

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#16. Folded Christmas Angel Ornament

Watch how to fold computer paper or music sheets to create a beatuiful folded Christmas Angel Ornament.

#17. Reindeer Thumbprint Ornaments


How cute are these little Reindeer Thumbprint Ornaments by Little Bit Funky? And they’re super quick to make too. The kids will enjoy creating these decorations for hanging on the tree, and they can be used year after year.

They would also make a lovely present for teacher/grandparents.

Image via Little bit Funky

#18. Christmas Bunting

christmas tree bunting

If you are looking for a quick and quirky Christmas decoration to do with the kids, then this Christmas Tree Bunting is easy, fun and will add some extra cheer to your home this Holiday Season.

You could also do an Advent version of these with 24 mini-trees for each day of Advent. Write an Advent message on the back of each tree.

#19. Yarn Wrapped Stars


For these Yarn/Wool Wrapped Stars from live.laugh.rowe, all you need is some cardboard, yarn/wool, glue, twine and a star template. Younger kids will probably need some help, but older kids should be able to wrap the yarn, and create their own stars.

Image via live.laugh.rowe

#20. Pine Cone Robin


This Pine Cone Robin from Kids Craft Room is perfect for younger kids, as it just involves sticking on some simple craft materials onto a single pine cone.

Then add some ribbon or thread to make your festive Christmas tree decoration.

Image via Kids Craft Room

Homemade Christmas Decorations for Kids to Make

Over to you! Do you have any DIY Christmas Decorations for Kids to Make or have you made any of our ideas? Please let us know in the comments box below.

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