Tips for Buying Balance Scooters or Hoverboards this Christmas

balance scooter

Balance scooters and hoverboards are proving popular this year. If they are on your child’s wish list this year, here are some timely tips for buying balance scooters or hoverboards this Christmas, to make extra sure that what you are buying is safe for kids.

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Self-balancing two-wheeled boards or scooters that are portable with a rechargeable battery to power them have become all the rage. However, as with every purchase you make, and particularly with something that operates with battery or electric power, you do need to take some care.


The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission recently seized 1,400 Smart Balance Wheels (Hoverboards) at Dublin Port over safety concerns such as plugs and chargers not complying with current safety standards.

They urge consumers who wish to buy a Hoverboard to:

  • make sure that the manufacturer’s name or trademark is visible on the packaging, check to see that the product displays the name and address of the manufacturer and/or importer.
  • CE Markmake sure that it has a genuine CE mark. This indicates that the product meets Irish and European safety standards.
  • always buy from a reputable retailer because if a fault does occur, the retailer is obliged under consumer law to offer a remedy.
  • read all safety instructions.

The CCPC website has further information about hoverboards as well as product safety and toy safety.

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