20 Reasons You Know You’re the Youngest Child

Jill Holtz

October 25, 2014


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Are you the youngest in your family? Any of these familiar? Here are 20 Reasons You Know You’re the Youngest Child:

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1. Your older siblings always get the blame for everything.

2. Your older siblings always try to blame you for everything.

3. You are a master at telling tales, the only way to get your revenge on your older siblings trying to blame you for everything.

4. Hand.me.downs.

5. You are always being compared to your older siblings.

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6. You get away with more than your older sister or brother.

7. If you went to the same school as your siblings teachers would associate you with them.

8. You are always the baby of the family even when you are well past baby age.

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9. People always say “when you’re older..”

10. You are never privy to family secrets or scandals as “you are too young to understand”.

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