25 Reasons You Know You are the Oldest Child


May 5, 2015


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Sarah, Katie, David….sorry whats your name again…sound familiar? I am the eldest of 4 children, and on a regular basis, am called by several different names. It’s not all bad though – there are some benefits to being the oldest child too! You have your own syndrome named just for you – oldest child syndrome, and here are a further 25 Reasons You Know You are the Oldest Child.

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eldest child#1. You always get the blame for everything, even if it is not your fault.

#2. You always have to take care of younger siblings and cousins in the garden/playground/beach/family party.

#3. You have to mind your clothes as they are going to be passed on.

#4. The upside of #3 is that you get new stuff while your siblings will have to be content with hand me downs. So you are bang on trend while they’re like a throwback to a bygone era.

#5. You worry more about household stuff than younger siblings, including chores/budgets and the entire families’ happiness.

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#6. You will always step into the Mummy / Daddy role when siblings are misbehaving.

Kids Playing#7. In a crisis your siblings will call you as you are older and wiser, of course.

#8. You have to battle your way to milestones. Your siblings will get to do things at a younger age than you did e.g. first disco, first solo trip shopping with friends, first sleepover.

#9. Your stuff always goes missing……but you know where to find it.

#10. Your parents are more strict with you, let’s face it, your younger siblings get away with everything.

#11. You can use younger siblings as slaves! When we were kids, I would ask my younger sister to go to my room and get my book/jumper/walkman (for younger readers we used to play music on these) and offered to count to see how quick she could get back with it. And my brother used to have her pretend she was giving him Communion using her sweets!

#12. You are the unpaid babysitter once you reach your teenage years, and this goes for cousins as well as siblings.

Car passanger#13. The window seat, and as you grow, the front seat of the car are your birthrights! Never, ever forget this one!

#14. As is the TV Remote, although sometimes you have to watch younger programs because the ones you really want to watch are not suitable for your siblings.

#15. Your younger siblings will look up to you, most of the time anyway. And you will look out for them too.

#16. It is fun to frighten your siblings with tales of woe about the teachers they will have.

#17. Your taste in music and films is never questioned.

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child at party#18. You have to sit at the kids table at weddings and family parties long after you are a child.

#19. You are not allowed toys with small parts, even though all your friends have them, in case your younger sibling chokes on them.

#20. You had to leave the cinema/theme park/party early because your younger sibling was scared/tired.

#21. You must never write in your school books as these are going to be passed onto your siblings. But you do get to have them when they are still pristine.

#22. You are the eldest you should know better…sound familiar?

#23. When you learn to drive, you become an unpaid taxi. And god forbid if your parents have a gathering and their friends need a lift home, you could be pulled from your bed at any hour, to drive them home.

#24. Your parents have kept a complete record of your childhood from your birth weight/time to your first boyfriend. Check out your sibling’s baby books…….oh dear there is none it must have got lost in the last move.

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#25. You are the first so it goes without saying that you are the best! Only joking…we are all special in our own way.

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Are you the oldest child in your family, how is it for you? Let us know in the comments box below.

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Like this? Share it with your network!

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