The Unexpected Benefits of Being the Middle Child

Jill Holtz

February 13, 2015

middle child

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Middle child? Sick of hearing about Middle Child Syndrome? Here are the Unexpected Benefits of Being The Middle Child:

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#1. You Don’t Have to Break the Mould

Your older sibling will do all the hard work for you. Persuading your parents to let them go out and stay out late. By the time you get to that stage they’ve already had to agree to things, and getting out to that disco at 15 (when your older sibling had to be 17) will be a breeze.

#2. You’ve Got the Hottest Negotiation Skills Around

Being required to negotiate all the time in your family life sets you up for life. Negotiate better pay, lower rent, you name it you’ll get what you want through your top negotiation skills.

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#3. Your Older Sibling’s Wardrobe

You can borrow (aka steal) from your older sibling. (Ok maybe not cross-dressing but certainly opportunities to nab a new item or two on your travels through their wardrobe/bedroom!).

#4. Your Younger Sibling Looks Up To You

Enjoy the idolisation while it’s there. Your younger sibling looks up to you and listens to you. Try not take too much advantage though (perhaps just a little bit of fetch me this, do that…!)

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middle child

#5. You Don’t Have to Be the Responsible Oldest One

Big bonus. The oldest is always called upon to look after the rest. Relish the lack of responsibility.

#6. You Don’t Have the Angst of “Always Being The Baby”

You may envy your youngest sibling for supposedly getting everything they want (“Aw they’re the baby”). But think about this, you will never get treated like a baby all the time, never getting treated seriously, always being considered immature and childish. This can be a big thing especially as you get older.

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#7. You’re Tip Top at Keeping Secrets

You don’t reveal to your parents that your older sibling sneaked out after curfew. You help your younger sibling hide the broken vase. You’re a champion secret-keeper and your friends and colleagues will adore you for it.

#8. You Even Have A Syndrome Named After You

And finally, who else in the family has a syndrome named after them? You don’t hear about Eldest Child or Youngest Child Syndrome. It’s the excuse you’ve been waiting for to steal your older sibling’s favourite top or rat in your youngest sibling because they annoyed you. Blame it on the Middle Child Syndrome!

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Over to you now, what’s your view on being a middle child? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.


Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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