The “Real” Difference Between First and Second Pregnancy

Jill Holtz

September 1, 2019

first and second pregnancy

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Were you a precious first-time mum? How did the second pregnancy differ? Here are 10 things that are the “real” difference between first and second pregnancy:

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Differences Between First and Second Pregnancy

#1. Reading books

1st: You read every pregnancy book you can lay your hands on.

2nd: You read zero pregnancy books as you don’t have time to read.

#2. Keeping track

1st: You keep track down to the day of where you are in your pregnancy and take baby bump photos every day.

2nd: You keep track down to the hour of your due date: “Get me into the labour suite”.

#3. Showing

1st: You delight in your expanding tummy and take pride in your waistline.

2nd: “Oh no I’m starting to show and I’m only 2 weeks pregnant”.

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#4. Eating

1st: You eat healthily and very carefully avoiding all the caffeine, alcohol, cheese, etc.

2nd: “Make mine a tuna sandwich and double espresso”.

#5. Clothes

1st: You make a concerted effort with maternity clothes buying cute outfits and wearing heels.

2nd: You live in yoga pants and your slip on shoes. (or you are still wearing last time’s maternity trousers as they are just so darned comfy).

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#6. Showers

1st: You enjoy the baby shower laid on by family/friends/work and bask in the attention.

2nd: You are lucky if you have time to take a shower!

#7. Music

1st: You play Mozart and Beethoven to your bump to expand their mind in the womb.

2nd: The bump gets to listen to the nursery songs CDs that your older child loves over and over and over.

#8. Stretch Marks

1st: You faithfully rub in cream to help avoid stretch marks.

2nd: You cover up the stretch marks with aforementioned yoga pants.

#9. Nesting

1st: You agonise over colour schemes and furniture choice for baby’s nursery.

2nd: Baby number 2 lives in your room as you didn’t have time to decorate their nursery.

#10. Announcements

1st: You create and print beautifully designed amusing birth announcements and post them out.

2nd: You announce the arrival on facebook while in the labour suite.

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The Real Difference Between First and Second Pregnancy - Mykidstime

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