21st Century Guide to the Birds and the Bees

Jill Holtz

June 1, 2015

birds and bees

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21st Century Guide to the Birds and the Bees” is a book for sex education for kids, aimed particularly at young children. Co-author Bel Messer tells us all about the book:

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What is it?

21st Century Guide to the Birds and the Bees is a children’s story book for young children on sex education. Through beautiful illustrations, simple dialog and fascinating information, a young child will have a basic understanding of how babies are created, pregnancy and birth in the 21st Century.

Who is it for?

This book was carefully written for young school aged children, delicately worded and without embarrassing pictures or adolescent information. Suitable for kids aged 5-10 years.

Why is it different?

We found a hole in the market for sex ed books for younger children. Not only is natural conception explained tastefully, kids are fascinated and enjoy learning that this is not the only way a baby can be conceived. IVF, IUI, surrogacy and donors are touched on as well as pregnancy to birth. Our book is full of aww pages rather than eww pages.

Tell us in 5 words why you should buy your copy

Knowledge is power for kids

The book is available worldwide at www.belindamessercreative.com. You can also follow Bel Messer on Facebook and Instagram.

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