My Body Belongs to Me

Jill Holtz

May 20, 2015

my body belongs to me

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From a young age, I have had an open approach when it comes to empowering my children about their own bodies. Here’s why I believe it is important to talk to your child about the topic My Body Belongs to Me:

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There are rules that children should know

Your body is your own. Your private parts belong to you. Not to mummy, daddy, Uncle or Grandad. Not to your neighbour, best friend or teacher. They are yours and yours alone.

To have this conversation with your young child is to give them a special gift of power. Tell them enough times and they will remember it for life. They and only they rule their own bodies.

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Have an open dialog

I have always been one to have an open dialog with my kids about anything they want to know.

I have taught them that there are good secrets and there are bad secrets. If a secret gives you bad feelings it is ok for you to tell a trusted adult. Nothing is ever so bad that you can’t tell someone.

For all children, adolescence is coming. It may be many years away or much closer for some.

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Information is power

Conception and explaining to your children how they came to be is of huge importance for their intellectual growth.

Whether they were naturally conceived, or created using IVF, this information empowers your child. They will have a basic and factual understanding from someone they trust so when in the school yard or with bigger kids, they won’t believe the nonsense going around because you have educated them earlier on.

In reality, sex is everywhere. Our kids can’t escape it. Radio Ad’s, TV Ad’s, TV shows, Movies, Jokes. Most children will have heard a bunch of words or phrases they don’t need to, before they even know what they mean.

My favourite saying is “Knowledge is Power”. I use it so much and love it because it applies to so many areas and topics. Safety, nutrition, numeracy and literacy, the list goes on. But for my own personal mission, Knowledge is Power when it comes to sex education for young kids.

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