24 Things Parents REALLY REALLY Want for Christmas


As parents we focus so much on kids at Christmas-time that we sometimes forget ourselves! We put our parental heads together and came up with these 24 Things Parents REALLY REALLY Want for Christmas:

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#1. Sleep


#2. No sibling squabbles

#3. To watch a good classic movie (you know the ones that you need a box of chocolates and a box of tissues for)

#4. To read my book uninterrupted for at least 1 hour

#5. To have a long chat with an old friend on the phone without interruption

#6. No hangover (!)

#7. No last minute rewrites of the Santa Letter

#8. A night out with the girls/lads

#9. Some quality time with my partner

#10. No last minute dashes to the supermarket or shops

#11. No unexpected requirement for batteries, cello tape, wrapping paper at the last minute

#12. The kids to fall asleep early on Christmas eve

#13. The kids to sleep late on Christmas Day instead of being up at the crack of dawn

#14. To see the excitement on my kids faces on Christmas morning

#15. For all Santa’s toys to work on Christmas morning

#16. The Skype connection to work if talking to family over Christmas

#17. Decent travelling weather

#18. That no one gets sick

#19. Warm mince pies, mulled wine and a roaring fire

#20. Christmas music playing in the house, nice smells wafting around

#21. Wrapping up warm for a winter’s walk

#22. To not get stressed out over the Christmas dinner prep

#23. Cooking Christmas dinner to go perfectly, nothing burned

#24. And finally, peace at home and goodwill to all extended family members

Over to you now. What’s on your own Christmas wish-list? Tell us in the comments below



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