28 Reasons You Know You’re Mum to a Son


Grubby hands, dirty walls… Here’s 28 Reasons you know you’re Mum to a Son!

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1. Footballs are part of your weekly shopping list!

2. There are always mucky shoes beside the front door.

3. Your feet become immune to lego pain!

4. You feel like you’re cooking for a small army – boys are always so hungry.

5. Even if you have no interest in sports, you can’t avoid soaking up the sporting highlights from the Sunday dinner table .

6. Guns, tanks, rifles cover every inch of the battlefield(otherwise known as the floor!).

7. There are dents, scratches and chips on all your furniture.

8. All their jeans and tracksuits have holes in the knees.

9. There are drops of “wee”  all around the toilet, and on the seat (when they can’t be bothered to lift it).

10. There’s a constant smell of muddy/grassy/wet clothes.

11. There are marks from wet footballs on outside walls and windows.

12. You absorb football results without even meaning to!

13. You can be “shot” by a NERF gun at any time of day.

14. You are always running out of batteries.

15. You are constantly explaining why they must wash their hands,teeth, faces.

16. You can now explain the offside rule (assuming you were not already a football afficionada!).

17. You bring them to the barbers/hairdressers to get haircuts, more often that you go yourself!

18. The toilet seat is always up.

19. The toilet is never flushed.

20. Plasters are on your weekly shopping list.

21. Clothes never survive long enough to be handed down!

22. Your windows get broken.

23. Regular visits to A&E for broken fingers, wrists, arms, and sprains in ankles and knees.

24. You are expected to be an authority on dinosaurs, space travel and all things mechanical.

25. You’re a girl, so at some stage, you will be stupid/silly/know nothing about sport/not to be trusted !

26. They can never pass a wall/tree without wanting to climb it.

27. Your walls have scrapes and marks from hotwheel cars, and other wheeled toys been driven on them!

28. But best of all, you get snuggles and hugs, for no reason 🙂

Have you any other additions to this list? Feel free to add more in the comments section below.

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