30 Reasons Why Mums are Late

Jill Holtz

August 13, 2013

Working Mum the truth about kids going back to school

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As parents and Mums – we’ve all done it – been late. You try your best to be an organised mum but sometimes the reasons have been pretty typical eg organising many kids out the front door, while other times, they’ve been pretty far-fetched, maybe even farcical! After all, it’s no mean feat trying to get yourself and small/large unobliging kids out the door at the same time! Here’s 30 Reasons why Mums are late


#1. I had to change a nappy/diaper just before we left the house.

#2. I couldn’t find my keys, bag, sunglasses.

#3. The kids were fighting, again!

#4. My daughter tripped running out of the house – had to unlock the door, and go back in for a plaster.

#5. My son needed a poo just as we were leaving.

#6. Even though I told them “It’s time to go kids” a “gazillion” times they still took ages to get ready.

#7. My daughter insisted on doing her own shoelaces, and had to tie them very slowly!

#8. My son decided to have a meltdown just as we were leaving.

#9. I couldn’t find my phone.

#10. Just about to head out the door when realised youngest was still in pyjamas!

#11. I couldn’t find my glasses.

#12. Was half way down the road and couldn’t remember if I had switched off the cooker.

#13. My daughter decided she had to find a very ‘special toy’ of hers, that she had ignored for months!

#14. We spent twenty minutes trying to find my youngest son, who was under the bed in my room!

#15. The baby needed a change as soon as we got in the car.

#16. The kids were thirsty, then hungry.

#17. I needed to start a wash before I left.

#18. My son pulled the door out after him, with the keys left inside.

#19. The house phone rang as I was closing the door.

#20. My eldest forgot their gym gear, so had to go home and collect it.

#21. Ran back to check the lights were all off, and doors were locked.

#22. Realised I had forgotten the changing bag.

#23. I had everyone in car, when realised had a flat tyre.

#24. My middle child got into the car with no shoes.

#25. My daughter wet herself on the way to the car.

#26. My teenager took ages “perfecting” her makeup, that she is not even meant to be wearing to school.

#27. Had to send teenage daughter back into house, to remove “forbidden makeup”.

#28. Forgot the baby’s bottle – realised half way here!

#29. Had to go back for the toddler’s special blankie, that he needs for sleeping.

#30. Kids must have been messing with the alarm clock again – never went off!

Have you any other additions to this list – feel free to add more in the comments section below.

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Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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