41 Reasons You Know You’re Mom to a New Baby

Diana Harrison

September 29, 2014


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Are you always tired? Are you tired from being tired? First time Moms and Moms to new babies, you are not alone! Here are 41 reasons you know you’re mom to a new baby.

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1.  You’re always tired.

2.  You realize you have to do everything with one hand.

3.  You’ve become really good at doing everything with one hand.

4.  Your baby wails in your ear as you are mixing formula as fast as possible (with one hand). You’ve become deaf in your left ear. Or your right. Or both.

5.  You discover there is use for your toes after all, and you now use them to pick up things off the floor.

6.  You’ve gotten used to being tired.

7.  You haven’t had a hot meal in weeks.

8.  You’ve gotten used to eating cold food.

9.  It takes you an hour to eat a piece of fruit, or anything at all for that matter.

10.  By the time you’re done eating, you’re hungry again.

11.  Clean clothes? That’s funny.

new baby on mum12.  Tired is the new black.

13.  You can’t function without coffee and wine.

14.  You’ve gotten used to the smell of spit up and pee on your clothes…in fact, you kind of like the smell.

15.  You have no time for a shower.

16.  You have no time to pee and find yourself holding it for extended periods of time.

17.  Sometimes you do a “2fer”, and pee while taking a shower.

18.  When you finally take said shower, you take the fastest shower in history…with baby watching you…who is most likely wailing.

19.  You then realize that showers are pointless because you’re sweating 5 minutes later.

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21.  Your husband suddenly sleeps like the dead and NEVER hears the baby crying in the middle of the night. (Have you caught him pretending to be asleep yet?)

22.  You’re so tired, you didn’t realize there wasn’t a #20.

23.  You’ve silently cursed out your husband 652 times before 7am.

24.  Baby poop. Everywhere.

25.  If you have a boy, there is pee everywhere.

26.  You find yourself saying SHHHH all day long.

27.  You have entire conversations all by yourself.

28.  You’ve put your 50 Shades books away to make room for Dr. Seuss.

29.  Instead of Sex & the City reruns, you now watch the Disney channel and know the words to every song. Oh, Toodles!

30.  All of your stations on  your Pandora/TV recorder box are now kid stations.

nappies31.  You’ve forgotten what your phone ringer sounds like because it has been on silent since the day your baby was born.

32.  You’ve traded your designer purse for a baby bag. Bonus if you have a designer baby bag.

33.  You can’t remember the last time you wore heels.

34.  You still wear maternity clothes.

35.  The scent of perfume has been replaced with the scent of hand sanitizer.

36.  Your first big outing is to Babies R Us/equivalent to return half the stuff from your registry after realizing almost all of it is useless.

37.  You’ve embraced hunger pangs.

38.  Your hair has been in a bun or ponytail since birth and your baby doesn’t recognize you when you finally wear it down.

39.  You can’t remember the last time you washed your hands with soap and water because at this point, a baby wipe will suffice.

40.  Leaving the house for an appointment or anything is no easy feat and is a lengthy process. When you are finally halfway out the door, your baby decides to have a blowout.

41.  From the moment you wake up, you’re already looking forward to a nap!

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Over to you. Can you add anymore reasons in the comments below?


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