7 Tooth Fairy Ideas Guaranteed to Sprinkle a Little Magic

Caroline Kelly

January 11, 2020

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There are many milestones in our children’s lives, from first steps to leaving home. But the first tooth coming out with the ensuing visit from the Tooth Fairy is a special one as it gives them something magical to look forward to. These tooth fairy ideas will have your child excited beyond belief, and create memories your child will treasure!

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Before embarking on any new ‘traditions’ like these tooth fairy ideas, make sure it is something you can maintain for years to come. Overly detailed and specific plans can be hard to keep going over time.

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Tooth Fairy Ideas to Treasure

#1. Tooth Fairy Door Hanger

tooth fairy ideas door hanger

Image: Roof Top Post

When your child needs to let the Tooth Fairy know that there is a tooth for collection, what better way than a door hanger? We love this printable one from Roof Top Post with the line ready for your child to fill in their name on.

#2. Spiderman Tooth Pillow

tooth fairy ideas spiderman-tooth-pillow

Image: Etsy

Of course there are lots of different ways to leave a tooth under a pillow, but why not make a pillow for the tooth – this one from Etsy is a cool Spiderman tooth pillow. After all, even superheroes lose teeth!

#3. Tooth Fairy Coins

tooth fairy ideas

Image: Mommy Scene

I love this idea from Mommy Scene, to make some tooth fairy coins. All you need are some old coins (or small change), glue or paint and glitter – the perfect recipe for Tooth Fairy glitter coins.

#4. Dental Achievement Certificate

tooth fairy ideas tooth quality certificate
And of course, it’s lovely if there is something else left beside money under the pillow after the Tooth Fairy’s visit. Print off our free Dental Achievement Certificate for some official certification!

#5.Tooth Fairy Report

tooth fairy ideas

Image: Andersruff

This is a fab idea from Andersruff, it’s a little printable that you can report back on tooth health to your child, and leave under the pillow with a new toothbrush and some floss. What a great way to encourage them to keep brushing their teeth!

#6. Tooth Fairy Receipt

tooth fairy ideas

Image: Capturing Joy / Kristen Duke Photography

Another option for a small gift is this Tooth Fairy Receipt from Kristen Duke Photography, you can even colour in the little tooth ratings at the bottom to show the condition of the tooth!

#7. Glittery Fairy Footsteps

Tooth fairy footprints

Image: Pinterest

And for the final sparkly touch, what about this idea for glittery Tooth Fairy footprints we found on Pinterest? How magical is that?

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7 Tooth Fairy Ideas Guaranteed to Sprinkle a Little Magic - Mykidstime

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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