4 Myths About Dental Care for Kids

Jill Holtz

September 26, 2018


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As parents we all know the perils of failing to look after your teeth. And getting your child into early good habits for their own teeth is a priority. But some aspects of looking after your children’s teeth may surprise you, just like this common myths about dental care for kids.

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Dental Care for Kids

Myth #1: Fluoride is Harmful

There are proven studies that show that fluoride helps guard against tooth decay. This is the reason it is included in any toothpaste worth its salt. But some parents worry that fluoride can harm their child.

This is the reason why kids get their own versions of toothpaste; the fluoride in adult toothpastes is simply too strong for them to consume on a regular basis and kids are more likely to swallow toothpaste. So stick to kids’ toothbrushes and toothpaste until they are teenagers.

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Myth #2: Don’t Worry About Baby Teeth Decay

baby teeth

As baby teeth eventually fall out, a common misconception is that it “doesn’t matter” if they decay. Obviously your kids will lose these teeth, but consider the fact that this sometimes doesn’t happen until they are almost a teenager, so they need appropriate dental care for baby teeth too.

It’s easier to encourage younger children to get in the habit of good tooth care and once they are in that habit they tend to keep it going without thinking.

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Myth #3: Fruit Juice is Good as a Kids’ Drink

Child dental care juice (1)

As much as these might seem healthy (after all we’re always being told to consume plenty of fruit) fruit juices don’t do kids’ teeth any favors.

They contain more sugar that you may realise, and this means that there is an increased chance of tooth decay occurring with regular intake. To put things into perspective, a typical fruit juice contains around seven teaspoons of sugar (the same as a soda!).

As a parent you really wouldn’t want to go down the route of having your child have to have dental implants in the future so stick to water instead for meals and if you do give your child a juice or sugary drink then make sure they brush their teeth afterwards.

Myth #4: Wait Until Your Child Goes to School Before Sending Them to the Dentist

Oral health tends to be about habits, and the quicker your child can get used to keeping on top of their teeth the better it is going to serve them in the long-term.

When they are very young, before a school age, it’s good to get them used to the dentist and they will probably enjoy it.

A regular visit to your family dentist means that any dental problems can be kept on top of earlier, which can safeguard against further issues as well.

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4 Myths About Dental Care for Kids - Mykidstime

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