5 Top Tips for Losing Baby Teeth

Jill Holtz

August 22, 2018

losing baby teeth

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National Tooth Fairy Day takes place on Wednesday 22nd August and celebrates a big milestone in any child’s life – losing a tooth! It’s important to get in to a good dental routine from a young age and Spotlight Whitening has some top tips for getting little teeth tooth fairy ready! Here are 5 Top Tips for Losing Baby Teeth:

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Top Tips for Losing Baby Teeth

A child’s baby teeth fall out to make way for permanent teeth to grow. This big milestone usually begins to happen from the age of 6 onwards. Spotlight Whitening founders, dentists Lisa and Vanessa Creaven have put together 5 top tips to guide you through this transition.

#1. Be Reassuring

For some children losing their baby teeth is an exciting moment while others may be concerned that it will cause pain. If your child is scared, reassure them that it happens to everyone, and is part of becoming a grown-up.

#2. Cut Up Harder Foods

Depending on the location of the loose tooth, certain hard foods may become difficult to eat i.e. apples – if so cut into bite sized slices.

#3. Never Pull Out a Loose Tooth

You can encourage your child to wiggle a wobbly tooth gently, but never pull out a loose tooth. Tugging on a loose tooth will only pull on the sensitive root, causing pain.

#4. A Little Blood is Normal When a Tooth Falls Out

When a tooth falls out, a little bit of blood may accompany it, and this is completely normal. Not to worry if the tooth falls out naturally there is usually no pain.

#5. Get Ready for the Tooth Fairy

When a tooth falls out expect a visit from the Tooth Fairy. This is the exciting part – place the tooth into a small box/pouch and have your child put it under their pillow. During the night, the Tooth Fairy will take the tooth in exchange for a small amount of money.

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After Your Child’s Tooth Falls Out

losing baby teeth

When a tooth falls out the gum can become tender, to avoid irritation don’t brush too hard around the area.

Once baby teeth fall out this is a great starting point to prepare your child to start brushing their teeth by themselves.

Supervise them at first and ensure they are brushing morning and night, as they need to maintain good oral hygiene while their permanent teeth start to grow.

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Top Tips for Children’s Dental Hygiene

child brushing teeth

  1. We would recommend bringing your child to the dentist as soon as the first teeth start to appear. This helps create a positive environment around the dentist, yes this is possible! It will also help identify any potential issues or problem as the teeth develop.
  2. We know children are hungry creatures but grazing on snacks throughout the day does have a negative impact on their teeth. Where possible, try and avoid this grazing or try and squeeze in an extra afternoon brush!
  3. Avoid sugary foods and drinks. Or else be conscious to brush teeth well after a treat!
  4. Practice makes perfect – up until a certain age you will have to support your child in the teeth brushing process. If a parent can brush their teeth with their child, it helps establish a good habit on how to brush correctly. Handy egg timers are a good way too. It is all about making it fun!
  5. Use a toothpaste that contains fluoride, like the Spotlight Kids Toothpaste, as this will help prevent tooth decay. For children under two, use a smear of toothpaste and after this a pea sized amount.

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Spotlight Whitening’s Kids Toothpaste, is perfect for little teeth, it contains fluoride to protect against cavities, strengthen enamel and ensure gentle cleaning, while the mild mint flavour won’t overwhelm little taste buds! The toothpaste which was created by Irish dentists Drs. Lisa & Vanessa Creaven and made in Ireland, donates 100% of the profits to children’s charity, ISPCC ChildLine.

Over to you now. Losing baby teeth is a big milestone for kids and parents. Any tips or stories to share about your child losing their first tooth? Tell us in the comments below.

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