The Best 50 Excuses Kids Use at Bedtime


We’ve all been there – arguing with the kids over bedtime, and if we’re honest, often secretly smiling at the outrageous and inventive excuses they will use, to avoid going to sleep! We asked our Mykidstime parents for some of the excuses they have been given, so here’s the best 50 excuses kids use at bedtime!

young girl going to sleep1. I’m not tired.

2. I’m too tired.

3. There’s a monster under the bed/in the closet/behind the curtains/under the duvet!

4. It’s too dark.

5. It’s too light/bright.

6. My {insert body part} hurts.

7. I can’t find my teddy/blankie.

8. I need a pee.

9. I need a poo.

10. I forgot to tell you something.

11. My friend doesn’t go to bed until {insert really late bedtime here}.

12. I need to give Mommy/Daddy a kiss.

13. I don’t think I brushed my teeth enough.

14. I have too many “thinks” in my head.

15. It’s hard to sleep.

16. My bear / doll / cuddly toy keeps looking at me.

17. I’m thirsty.

18. I’m hungry.

19. I’m too hot.

20. I just need to finish this game.

21. I’m too cold.

22. I can see something sticking out of my drawer/ the closet door is open.

23. I need different pyjamas/nightie.

24. I forgot to hug the dog / cuddle the cat / say night night to the hamster.

25. You forgot to kiss and say night night to all my cuddly toys!

26. There’s a fly in the room.

27. I need another hug / kiss / cuddle.

28. My pyjamas are too small.

29. I need to ask you a question.

30. My favourite show is coming on and I need to watch it (ah the joys of Satellite TV recording, for now being able to nip this in the bud!)

31. My brother/sister has to go to bed too, I’m not going until they go.

32. I have homework, I forgot to do it.

33. I need another blanket.

34. I need to tell you I love you (getting very creative now – they know this will tug at our heart strings!).

35. I need a light on.

36. I need the light off.

37. Can you sing me another song?

38. Can you read me that book again / just one more chapter please?

39. Can you tell me another story?

40. The door is not open enough.

41. The door is not closed enough.

42. I want to keep reading my book.

43. I’m lonely.

44. My pillow is too hard.

45. My pillow is too soft.

46. I need some music on.

47. The music is too soft I can’t hear it.

48. The music is too loud I can’t sleep.

48. I’m having bad thoughts about that programme I watched on TV (2 months ago!!).

49. I had a bad dream (despite you leaving room only 1 minute before, and they couldn’t possibly have fallen asleep yet!).

50. My blanket/duvet has fallen off (even though is within their reach).

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What are the best excuses you have been given by your kids? Let us know in the comments below.

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