16 of The Best Things About Being a Parent to an Only Child

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Families come in all shapes and sizes. If you are an only child you may wish you had siblings. And for those of us with siblings, sometimes we may wish we were an only child! We recently polled our audience to see what the Best thing about being a parent to an only child is. See what they had to say.

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#1. “It’s amazing I’m blessed to have one little 6 year old girl, my life, my world my everything”. 💖💖‬ Danielle B

#2. “Getting to take her to do more things! My daughter is only 5 and has led quite the life!” Miranda A

Beach with only child

#3, “You can give all your time and attention to your only child!‬” Bon C

#4. “Not having to be a referee!” Victoria K

#5. “No fighting!‬” Pamela P

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#6. “Time, time, time. ‬Money, money, money.”‬ Parisa R

#7. “The perks? There’s only ONE of them!” 😂‬ Melissa A

#8. “Having an only child after a long time trying.”‬ Barbara F

Only child cousins

#9. “Being an only child means my son is very close to his cousins and our extended family.” Sarah K

#10. “I have 1 girl 2 years 10 months and another girl 11 months, I bet the people with one child get more sleep…… Which am grossly lacking at the moment‬.” Therese Q

#11. “My 3 year old was an only child for 3 years. His baby brother was born 10 days before his 3rd birthday. I think the best thing was that all my time went to him and he was attached to me like glue. But I’m paying for it now, he is so jealous of his baby brother it’s not funny.”‬ April A

only child family

#12, “All the cuddles.” ‬‪Constance G

#13. “Knowing that she gets all of our time, attention, money and love is the beginning. Our bodies worked against us. 10 yrs of treatment meant we didn’t have time or money for more even if we wanted to. Our 5 yr old girl is our miracle. Besides God she is our world!‬” Nikki S

#14. “I love being a parent but I also love my work. Having an only child has meant that I feel I can do a good job at both.” Karen T

#15. “I don’t have to choose whose soccer match to go support. I see other parents trying to juggle the extra curricular activities of 2, 3 or 4 children. I don’t envy them!” Orla B

#16. “I can give lots of time and attention to my only child. Also it’s easier to afford after school activities, trips away and vacations work out cheaper.‬” Anita O’ M 

Do you have any only child anecdotes? Please share them with us in the comments box below. 

Best things about being a parent to an only child

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