LEGO House Has Opened Its Doors – Take a Peek Inside!

Emily Manning

Emily Manning

October 2, 2017

Lego House

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If you spend your days tripping over LEGO bricks and having to ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ over LEGO creations, you may feel like you already live in a LEGO house, but it will pale into comparison to the official LEGO House which opened its doors this weekend. Let’s take a peek inside!

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The 12,000 sq. m. LEGO House is filled with 25 million LEGO bricks and was opened on September 28th by HRH The Crown Prince and HRH The Crown Princess of Denmark and their children.

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What is the LEGO House?

LEGO House

The building itself consists of 21 white bricks stacked on top of each other. The facade was then covered with tiles, giving the illusion that the whole building is made of LEGO bricks.

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LEGO House

“It has been a dream for me for many years to create a place that will give our visitors the ultimate LEGO experience,” said third-generation LEGO owner Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen. “When they play, children learn the basic skills that they need, such as creativity, collaboration and problem-solving abilities.”

“At the heart of all LEGO experiences – from the boxes of LEGO bricks that children have at home to this fantastic LEGO House that we are celebrating today – is the unique and timeless LEGO brick. With LEGO bricks, you can express yourself creatively and make anything imaginable. The possibilities are endless, and nowhere else in the world can you experience it in the same way as in LEGO House.”

In addition to the experience zones, there are three LEGO restaurants, a LEGO store, conference space, and the 2,000sq.m. LEGO Square, a large gallery of LEGO creations built by fans and a large exhibition about the history of the LEGO brand – including 200 of the most iconic LEGO boxed sets. Outside, there is a sheltered public space and a number of interconnected outdoor terraces and playgrounds for visitors to explore and enjoy.

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Fun Facts About LEGO House

LEGO House

Three seriously impressive LEGO dinosaurs are shown roaring because they are standing on a LEGO brick…we all know that feeling! The dinosaurs are created with different brick styles – one LEGO Duplo dinosaur made with 50,000 bricks (it weighs a huge 536kg!), one LEGO Systems dinosaur made with 250,000 bricks, and a LEGO Technic dinosaur made with a whopping 300,000 bricks!

LEGO House

At more than 15 metres tall, the Tree of Creativity stands in the midst of LEGO House and is one of the largest and most technically challenging LEGO models ever built – if it had been built by one person, it would have taken her 12 years of work! As it was, it took 24,350 hours to build and another 1,200 hours to install.

The tree was designed to represent the LEGO brand; a strong tree that has stood the test of time. The unfinished branch at the top of the tree symbolizes continued growth, while the generations of family ownership are illustrated by names and initials carved into the trunk.

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LEGO House

The LEGO Waterfall (shown above) represents an unlimited supply of bricks that flow into the room. If you wanted to build a copy of the waterfall, it would take you more than five years – it took a team of professional LEGO builders around 29 weeks to build and uses 1,968,753 bricks!

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How Can I Visit?

LEGO House

LEGO House expects to welcome 250,000 annual visitors from all over the world. The combination of LEGO House and LEGOLAND makes Billund a real draw for fans of all ages.

If you plan to visit LEGO House, you will need to book in advance through the LEGO House website due to space restrictions. This will hopefully ensure that all visitors get the full experience without having to endure long queues and crowded experience zones.

Entry tickets are priced 199DKK (approximately €27/$32/£23) for adults and children aged 3 years and older.

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What do you think? Would your LEGO fans enjoy a trip to LEGO House? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

LEGO House

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