14 Lego Party Ideas That Will Make Sure Everything is Awesome

lego party ideas

So your Lego-mad child has a birthday coming up, and they are begging for a Lego-themed party! Where to start? Here are 14 Lego Party Ideas that will make sure Everything is Awesome (in the immortal words from The Lego Movie), and that you’re the coolest Mom/Dad on the block!

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#1. Free Lego Fonts

If you’re designing your own Lego invites, Overthebigmoon and Fontspace both have free Lego fonts you can download and use. (Tip: here’s how to install a new font on a PC and how to install a new font on a mac)

lego fonts

#2. Ready to Print Lego Invites

Aussiepumpkinpatch.com has printables you can download including the invites ready to print and fill out.

lego invites

Here are some fun Lego Decoration Ideas:

#3. Lego Bunting

Create some fun Lego Bunting using a Lego font (see step 1 for free Lego themed fonts)

lego bunting


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#4. Lego Door Decoration

Make a decoration with the birthday age to hang on your front door, made from Lego of course!

door decoration from lego


#5. Turn Your Doors Into Lego

Turn doors into big Lego using coloured tablecloths and matching paper plates

lego doors


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#6. Lego Utensil Holders

Build a utensil holder from the table out of Lego.

lego utensil holder


#7. Lego Party Games

You’ll need some Lego themed party games of course. Chickabug.com has rounded a great list of Lego themed games from Pin the Spot on the Lego to Lego Memory game to Guess the number of Lego bricks in the Jar.

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#8. Decorate Your Lego Figures

You could also set up a “decorate your lego figure” table:

lego party


Here are some cool Lego party food ideas for you:

#9. Lego Pizza

Make rectangle pizzas with pepperoni as the buttons:

lego pizza


#10. Lego Block Sandwiches

Cut circles using a water bottle lid and press them on with a little bit of cream cheese onto the top of your rectangle sandwiches.

lego sandwiches


#11. Lego Fruit Skewers

Make fruit skewers and top with Lego heads

lego fruit skewers


#12. Lego Jellies

Use Lego moulds to create different coloured lego jellies. You can buy Lego Shaped silicone moulds on Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com

lego jellies


#13. Lego Cakes

Of course you’ll need a fabulous lego cake. What about some of these ideas to inspire you?

lego cupcakes


lego cake cake central com


lego cake


lego cake

Cake It

c cake

#14. And Finally

Why don’t you sit back after the Lego Party is over and enjoy a little something!

lego mum

Have you got a Best Ever Tip for a Lego Party? Share it with us in the comments below.

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